Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More LIKES for Taiping !

Gosh! it's 2016 and there are no posts. Thanks for popping by. Well, the reason being my fb  is more active!

As of today, in our midst, it is the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year. It is the Year of the Monkey.  Before the 15th day comes and signal the end of the celebrations, let me get some news in as it appears on my fb page. Taiping, my hometown, here we come!

1. Reunion dinner in Taiping . Never mind the traffic crawl as the whole country seems to be on the move! Pandu Cermat ( in Bahasa Malaysia = drive safely) - just aim to arrive safely in the bosom of your loved ones.

2. Meeting up with  my extended family after a long, long time - my god sister who got me a place in Primary 1 of CHIJ ( Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus) when she was a teacher. Glad to know she is a fit 78 year old grandmother with 11 grandchildren.

3 . Hello Taiping Lake  Gardens, 1885 - your fame and charm  is everlasting as long as Taipingites care enough to preserve your beauty.

4. Perak Museum, 1883. So many firsts in Taiping. This is the first and oldest museum in our country.

5. Perak Jubilee Lodge is under the English Constitution. We had a tour of this Lodge to gain an insight into this Masonic fraternity. Come 2017, UGLE ( United Grand Lodge England) will be celebrating its 300th anniversary.

6. Kueh-mueh  to titillate palates but we missed the famous cendol. So much to taste of this and that but my children know  I'm not a foodie. Alas!

7. Taiping New Club,1894 has the distinction of having the first golf club in the FMS ( Federated Malay States). It was closed  in 1995 to the public  because of the hazards posed. Looking down on to the Esplanade, it reminds me of the many parades and the hockey matches I played.

8. View of the Titiwangsa Range at an evening with my brother-in-law at his friend's house. The dark night sky was suddenly  illuminated by fireworks of a neighbour.

All these and more and driving round the 'Town of Peace', a town that is  growing, growing.. ..
It's time to head for Kuala Lumpur. We loaded two big bags of rich soil among our luguagge amidst protests from the kids! No worries, lah! The car suspension will be ok and my plants will be happy too.
Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my friends who are celebrating Chines New Year. 

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