Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fun all the way!

My hubby and I had a short break recently  and it was to Hong Kong. Its been ages though a quick visit a couple of years ago, we hopped over from Macau to Kowloon to have a walk around and eat good Chinese food.

I went on a Corporate holiday and knew that  in the company of  60 other people, we would be doing things differently. So we left our whims and fancies behind. Guess what, we had fun all the way!

  Nothing cheerier than this!
LET Us out! We are innocent!!

Ready? Yes, for Mickey's PhilharMagic
Hardly a distraction!

Action!  ... so visit Hong Kong  and find our why the city never sleeps!.....

Rubbed  much gold on meself. So much richer than before!
Who is happier?? 

Just signed off an important document to David Cameron ! Oh well, Pres Obama was my witness.

How does one show a bright sparky light bulb moment??

English tea, of course!

Ready for a flick from Ip Man.

No skirt lift . This will do!

 I tried but couldn't wreck them bars :(

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our dog Buffy.

It's been over a year since our faithful Robbie breathed his last. His docile, loveable character left a void.  Patiently, we looked for another pet dog to call our own.  The children  made enquiries for an Alsatian through several sources including vets.

One day in June there was an air of excitement when we made our way to a house to look into a litter of  pups. After all the search, imagine finding  Buffy was right under our noses; I mean in the same neighbourhood!

The owner/ breeder happily showed off the litter. What a light-hearted feeling it was to see the puppies, all so cuddlesome  and lively.

Out of the five in the litter, only two had not found owners. Buffy caught our attention. We played with her and when we left our hearts were there.Later in the evening, hubby and son  went back to claim her  with a deposit. She came to us  three weeks later after all the jabs had been given,

Meanwhile I swung into action. The kennel that belonged to dear Robbie needed a clean-up. I bought a can of paint from ACE hardware, scrubbed the kennel and when dry, two coats of fresh paint was an early welcome to Buffy. The door which had gone rusty was replaced by  a carpenter and days late, Buffy arrived in style - flanked by my daughter and son in a BMW! I greeted her and she was dribbling with saliva . She behaved admirably, didn't bark, ever so polite! Her tail wagged and she got more hugs. This is home, I said.

It's been four weeks since that day for our new member of the family.  Bond first and train later, was the advice we got . Buffy goes for short walks in the morning . She looks forward to her two meals of  Royal Canin, a bone to chew weekly, the odd treats  and  the frolic and tickles!

The story so far.  - she's growing fast. There's an increase of two inches in height and weighs in at 18 kg.

Trainer showing us the litter.  Can you spot Buffy ? 

A hug, please?

Ready for a command

Well by the side of the trainer


Resting after the mini demo

New home - a hand me down from Robbie. Still good after previous three pet dogs.

On the driveway

Son putting Buffy to the paces

All of four months

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kuala Lumpur Orchid and Bonsai Show

I paid a quick visit to the recent Kuala Lumpur Orchid and Bonsai Show. The idea was to lug home some lovely orchids at prices I could afford. Nothing extraordinary happened and I bought some dendrobiums with a tight watch on my budget. Yes, me hubby  would really like to hear that! There wasn't much to attract in the way of orchids though their splashes of colour drew me  to have a closer look.

Though I do not cultivate bonsai trees , I did  2 rounds viewing the exhibits, a painstaking  form of horticulture . And that's where I lack patience, not to mention skill. Whoever says gardening is all about rushing into achieving beauty? Sculpting  and aiming for an aesthetic appeal  and the uniqueness takes skill. The gardener who was pruning ever so delicately  at a bonsai plant  proved a point or two.

The bonsai beauties standing apart from each other makes the admirer pause and wonder. I've seen them in nurseries all clumped together  and to the novice eyes like mine, their beauty is lost.

For now, the dendrobiums add happy colour to my plants . Just checking on them the snails have not made the pots their home!

Tight clusters and splashes of yellow.

Phalaenopsis  display

Pink welcome

I like the shape


What a cascade! 

Beauty in starkness

Sail away

How long did it take to achieve the look?

Another bonsai beauty .  

Twisting to fame and fortune?

This huge canopy  was a big surprise to me. Looks like I haven't been around the Lake Garden for sometime.

Manicure time 

I bought  the common orchids 

Didn't have to drag myself to my car. This shuttle relieved me  of my load.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fashion Charity with Shoe Designers

One by one the guests arrived for a high  tea fund raising event, Fion Poon  Fashion Charity  in conjunction with Selangor Cheshire Home's 50th anniversary. We were among the earliest to beat K.L's jam increasing traffic jams. The venue for this exciting event, Fukuden Restaurant was easy to find, ala GPS.

It was indeed a special afternoon - a mixed programe of music and songs by jazz singer, Janet Lee accompanied by Tay Cher Siang on keys and a display of  shoes and handbags by local designer, Fion Poon. To top it all, the gracious presence of her mentor, icon Datuk  Jimmy Choo created the buzz. The afternoon tea menu was a range of Japanese cuisine cocktails.

The event kicked off  with Janet's renditions which  were well-received. Alas, time did not allow for more.

Everyone wanted a picture with the Guest of Honour, Datuk Jimmy Choo - ever charming and generous coping with the numerous requests. And the next instance, Facebook it!

Many guests were eager to try our Fion Poon's shoes and handbags on display. A customer service staff was on standby to let  guests know  that  accessories can be customized , made the items even more appealing.

Soon Fukuden Restaurant  was overflowing with guests. In the set -up, navigating for food, clicking pictures and moving about, space was tight. The waiters were kept on their toes serving quenchers to keep the guests nicely watered in the existing day's heat . The models wearing Fion Poon's shoes could not get past many guests. A pity! Nevertheless, we took it all in our stride. Fion Poon's  batik hand pouch  with a good sling handle as one of the door gifts is really neat.

The event ended with lucky draw  and best dressed prizes. Those who came in red and white stood better chances. In celebratory mood, there was  a big cake to mark  Cheshire's 50th  with a rousing Happy Birthday song. By 5.30 pm, the guests who responded warmly with charity in their hearts bade their good byes.

Elegance on your feet.
Datuk Jimmy Choo autographing a book about him 
TV3 was there for the media coverage. Datuk Khatijah , President of Sel Cheshire Home, Fion Poon and Datuk Jimmy Choo.
Janet Lee at the mike
Handicrafts from the Home
Heels  of sorts
Expressive Janet  Lee
We are a happy lot, with  Datuk Jimmy Choo!
Datuk Khatijah with supporters from Cheshire Home

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gong Xi Fun - The Horse that Ran Away

We did it! Much to our surprise and to the delight of the residents of Selangor Cheshire Home, we turned actors overnight and gave them more than a rollicking time with our play, The Horse That Ran Away.

Under her directorship and script, Sunshine Lady, Janneke did a fantastic job of making it a lovely production. We gathered at her house on two occasions  to familiarize ourselves with our roles and a dress rehearsal. A big cast indeed as all the Sunshine ladies who were available for the Chinese New Year party acted.

The residents, EEP ( Economic Empowerment Programe) students and the staff of the Home  were truly good audience. The fluffed lines got extra laughs. Someone came from behind me and pulled up my pants as it was dangerously slipping down as the acting got the better of me!

We know the horse is here to stay in this Year of The Horse. So, do not be alarmed- the horse in the play ran away but came back. The play ended  on a sweet memorable note - to be able to inject fun for others, we got just as much in return!

The Horse That Ran Away  had one oft repeated line by  poor farmer, Sei Wang , the protagonist, whenever any incident was highlighted to him that it wasn't good . The villagers, blacksmith and neighbours  chided him for keeping  his only faithful companion  horse, Silverwhite tho he was poor. More scoldings  came when Silverwhite was  missing  and thought to have run away. An unfortunate fall of Sei Wang's son resulting in a broken leg whilst attempting to ride the  stallion  brought home by Silverwhite. And when war broke out, the sons of the the villagers had to say goodbye to fight. His reply was always the same  - 'Who can say it is good or bad luck. No one can tell what the future will be'.

14 Sunshine Ladies ready to take the stage
Keats addressing the residents 
Resident Penny singing her song, encouraged by emcee, Chris Eng ( later the stallion)
Cowboy dance by the Economic Empowerment Programe students
High energy in the Indian dance by the staff
Fans in motion  by the residents and the students from IMU 
Director, Janneke introducing the play and the cast.
Sei Wang's son fell trying to ride the wild stallion..

Handsome stallion 
Oops, something crept up my nose!
Villagers in the market chided Sei Wang for not looking after himself

Finale  - we did it!
Distributing ang pows  - May goodness come your way!
Sunshine ladies helping out with lunch.
Staff  ready to serve
Happy Chinese New Year mood