Thursday, February 6, 2014

A big 70 bash in Australia

Talk about being busy as a bee. So many happenings,distractions included,since last Christmas.My apologies to friends out there who have visited my blog and found me quiet (of which I was not!). Thanks dear blogging friend, Ram for your concern. Thankfully, it had all good endings and now I present one that took us to Australia for 2 weeks over. It was a a big bash to celebrate my sis in law's 70th, bringing together rellies,young and old and her close friends, all 39 of us. The celebration will stay in our hearts for a long time. Age is just a number and we should celebrate each year, in your own way,as an accomplishment. So cheers to your good health and well-being too! For now, I share with you the wonderful time we had at Lennox Head where we gathered under a red tent to toast to a lovely lady, all of 70.

In Casino, NSW  - several days before the party  we  made a special trip a  up north to check on the house. Busied ourselves plucking  strawberry mangoes ( real yum!)  that dangled low and forlorn. Not anymore when we relished them daily.
All quiet  before the family members turned up. 
Up early for a morning farmers' market in Ballina . Brilliant heliconias to brighten the house for the birthday. 
The welcoming colour of red. Brawny and browned men  putting up the tent . Headland of Lennox Head is on the far right of picture.
Inviting and ready to greet guests
I liked the surprise. To start off the party at 6 pm  a couple of  Indian musicians  played on the grassy slopes  facing the sea, waves lapping as we sipped champagne . Later the DJ took over and a 'cook'  sang favourite songs for the birthday girl. Good ol' Pavarotti wasn't forgotten. 

Not exactly the Bollywood kind of pose but this will do! Ready to party when dusk set in.
A day after the party, all trouped into a bus chartered to take us on a carefree outing. The young and young at heart  braved the sun to indulge in  Dream World, Gold Coast. Forget your cares - get onto the gold rush , feel the rush of adrenaline as we swooped down  and screamed our lungs out! Great!
A majestic sight to behold. The Bengal tiger, Ravi with his trainer slurping all the milk goodness at Tiger World event. What strength - man and tiger! But tiger wins, of course.
A lovely picnic area set up another day after the party. Another wonderful day of great company and food.  
Enjoying good company with free flow of  wine to quench one's thirst!

A birthday gift by one of the grandchildren, aged 12. Lovely capture of the lawn , the clumps of trees that stand like sentinels and the blue sea and sky  beyond. We promise to come again, Lennox Head.