Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Old ties rekindled

The last time I visited Winnersh was 10 years ago. I could not head to Berkshire to stay with my former midwifery colleague, Hazel though I've been in and out several times in the UK.

This July I was determined to make a special effort and scheduled my 5 weeks to spread over a bigger community of family and  friends in the UK. I achieved it all:) 

This time round, Michael, her eldest child is getting married in December. So time has flown  and we are  busy in our lives, doing so many things that left unrecorded will be forgotten as we grow older.

My first visit to Hazel and her husband, Ben was in Brighton . That was in 1983. I can still remember Ben having my  eldest daughter his  broad shoulders. Now Sharmini is an independent lady carving a niche in her career and being a dutiful daughter.

From Winnersh, I bade good bye to Hazel and Ben. He was a little concerned and he reminded me to keep safe as I  told him there's a BERSIH 4 rally that I would like to be there.


The raspberries  are ripe for picking  for our dessert.

Hey! sway and be hippy happy! Guess what, I bought myself one after a trial session on Hazel's. Gotta get those creaky joints oiled!

As the evening grew a bit chilly, the fire in the 'stove'  kept us warm as the wispy smoke danced in the dark. A little bit of spotting the stars as they appeared. 
With the wood glowing, wine glasses topped up, and Ben's presence, the evening was all ours.

Lunch in the open  - taking advantage of the summer.

Hazel showing me the Braille exercises. Great learning and enthusiasm. 
At Winnersh town square
Outside the Town Hall, Winnersh

It's his happy day out at Dinton Pastures Country Park. I found it a delightful park - wildlife and humans co-exist.

Delightful  swans, mallards, coots  dipping their beaks in the lake.

How low can you go?

Just wishing we could hitch a ride on the bird's wings!

Can you spot the gargoyles?

We brought our lunch and  snacks .

 A pleasant little walk up to the castle. The long grasses dance in the afternoon sun.

Nothing like smiles for the album

English Heritage that has stood the the test of times

Ruins of Donnington Castle
All quiet 

Huge artichokes

A relaxing walk by the canal


Thursday, October 15, 2015

London, I'm here!

A wet day at Tate Modern on the 6th floor - for one of the best views in London.

Lunch time salad at Tate Modern cafe. Great service.

Bless ye - A happy Friar still stands - spotted him on the way to the Tate Modern.

Covent Garden  - a delightful visit 

                             Picasso's sculpture at The National Portrait Gallery

At the National Portrait Gallery cafe -  enchantingly beautiful . A place to enjoy a special atmosphere.

A good afternoon spent at The National Portrait gallery

Above my head - a towering figure indeed!

Big Ben  and me!

A lovely sunny day , the red gladdens the heart - just across Buckingham Palace

Queen Victoria - a long reign which is now outstripped by Queen Elizabeth 2

Bursts of colours in St. James Park - beautiful and compact.

Lunch in the cafe at St Martin's In The Fields. 

Trafalgar Square, central London  - so much to absorb. 

Iconic National Gallery, London  - always bustling inside and outside.
Sit around  or mingle - fascinating sights at Trafalgar Square to take your fancy away.

Japanese garden  - serene  as the small waterfall tumbles into a koi pond in Holland park.

At a Holland Park cafe for morning coffee and cakes - playful time of staff and a very  young client, my niece

Accompanied  my little niece to her  indoor play in Holland Park. The centre was opened by the Duchess of Cambridge, 

For sure it's a sunny afternoon, White Rabbit! At Portobello  Market, Notting Hill.

Indeed a  worthwhile visit , my first on a big  ship, HMS Belfast.

On board the historic HMS Belfast, berthed on the Thames. It is operated by the Imperial War Museums. One gets an interesting insight into what  life was like at war and at sea

Seeing the spire of the Cathedral nearby, as I spent some time in Borough Market, Southwark I  decided to pay a visit inside.