Friday, August 23, 2013

Birthday treat

How nice! To be away from the busy KL jams. And to miss the massive Raya exodus on the North South Highway. Getting to our destination was a breeze. A mere 15 minutes on the speedboat  from the Marina Island jetty and we were whisked into the arms of Pangkor Laut Resort.

We checked into one of the Hill Villas. A good view, peace and quiet.

Yes, we were told to expect to do nothing, if we felt like it. Chill out, we did , as the pace was sedate and relaxing.  The next meal was always more than welcomed; our tummies could just fill up without much bother! It must be the sea and the air around us that bolstered our appetite besides the great array of food, especially at the Feast Village.

The hornbills paid many visits, flapped to land on our villa rooftops and coconut palms. Another tourist curiosity are the bats that hang  on trees close by within view of our cameras. They appear rather large to us.

A pre-booked spa was waiting for us on the second day of stay - Balinese bliss!

After a 2N/3D  stay, it was time to leave the luxury behind.


At the Royal Bay Beach Club where we had lunch
View from Hill Villa 332
These bats are a tourist attraction.  In their upside down position, they wait till past sundown ; then they disappear to come home and merrily hang again!
 We had the opportunity to meet Uncle Lim himself. He shook hands and spoke with us. A sprightly and friendly man , past 70s, he began his career with YTL since Pangkor Laut Resort started!  Man, if he had known it was my birthday, he would have steamed a big pomfret for me!! 

A surprise Happy birthday cake, card and a flower bath  -  because I'm beautiful!
Indulge and pamper thyself at Spa Village. The late Pavarotti opened this Village .
Waiting to be pampered more after the unique Bath House ritual. 

Yes, there is a bed. Not one but two in the library. Just rest your cares away. Read, if you want to!
Our feathered  friend and many came calling. Recognisable by their loud calls.
Art and nature