Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our dog Buffy.

It's been over a year since our faithful Robbie breathed his last. His docile, loveable character left a void.  Patiently, we looked for another pet dog to call our own.  The children  made enquiries for an Alsatian through several sources including vets.

One day in June there was an air of excitement when we made our way to a house to look into a litter of  pups. After all the search, imagine finding  Buffy was right under our noses; I mean in the same neighbourhood!

The owner/ breeder happily showed off the litter. What a light-hearted feeling it was to see the puppies, all so cuddlesome  and lively.

Out of the five in the litter, only two had not found owners. Buffy caught our attention. We played with her and when we left our hearts were there.Later in the evening, hubby and son  went back to claim her  with a deposit. She came to us  three weeks later after all the jabs had been given,

Meanwhile I swung into action. The kennel that belonged to dear Robbie needed a clean-up. I bought a can of paint from ACE hardware, scrubbed the kennel and when dry, two coats of fresh paint was an early welcome to Buffy. The door which had gone rusty was replaced by  a carpenter and days late, Buffy arrived in style - flanked by my daughter and son in a BMW! I greeted her and she was dribbling with saliva . She behaved admirably, didn't bark, ever so polite! Her tail wagged and she got more hugs. This is home, I said.

It's been four weeks since that day for our new member of the family.  Bond first and train later, was the advice we got . Buffy goes for short walks in the morning . She looks forward to her two meals of  Royal Canin, a bone to chew weekly, the odd treats  and  the frolic and tickles!

The story so far.  - she's growing fast. There's an increase of two inches in height and weighs in at 18 kg.

Trainer showing us the litter.  Can you spot Buffy ? 

A hug, please?

Ready for a command

Well by the side of the trainer


Resting after the mini demo

New home - a hand me down from Robbie. Still good after previous three pet dogs.

On the driveway

Son putting Buffy to the paces

All of four months