Friday, March 29, 2013

Prosper ye all!

March is a month for me to celebrate  being a blogger,  4 years to be exact. Yes, I've given myself a pat on the shoulder for 'soldiering' on! Sort of! Thank you , dear blogging friends from near and far for popping in . I know I'm guilty of not saying hello to you for a long time . It's just time constraints and I hope you're doing fine.

So. the time has flown in the past weeks. How? One excuse is the mundane living!! For me, a slight setback,due to  fall. has slowed me down. No post, Keats?? Well, I have a truly belated  one for you and it brings some cheer. Hope the God of Prosperity stays in our midst though he has finished his earthly round of visits to our homes, offices.

Our club, The Rotary Club of Pantai Valley had a late Chinese New Year get together. Imagine our surprise when the God of Prosperity wanted to bless us with loads of good luck. In fact, as time was short, he did a whirlwind visit to sing the praises of some senior citizens at a community centre in Setapak. Then to offer words of wisdom to some Toastmasters . I hasten to add they listened more than talked!!

We thanked the God of Prosperity aka Kok Wah for creating  positive vibes. But he could not tarry any longer, as it's time to make the exit before the horse gallops in  to be festive again! Have to admit I itched to tug at his beard but did not. A black record to the Jade Emperor will just spoil my wishes for more luck and goodness to follow!

Gosh, a windfall!
All the God of Prosperity's Men !!
Happiness all round.