Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fun all the way!

My hubby and I had a short break recently  and it was to Hong Kong. Its been ages though a quick visit a couple of years ago, we hopped over from Macau to Kowloon to have a walk around and eat good Chinese food.

I went on a Corporate holiday and knew that  in the company of  60 other people, we would be doing things differently. So we left our whims and fancies behind. Guess what, we had fun all the way!

  Nothing cheerier than this!
LET Us out! We are innocent!!

Ready? Yes, for Mickey's PhilharMagic
Hardly a distraction!

Action!  ... so visit Hong Kong  and find our why the city never sleeps!.....

Rubbed  much gold on meself. So much richer than before!
Who is happier?? 

Just signed off an important document to David Cameron ! Oh well, Pres Obama was my witness.

How does one show a bright sparky light bulb moment??

English tea, of course!

Ready for a flick from Ip Man.

No skirt lift . This will do!

 I tried but couldn't wreck them bars :(