Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Morning in Taiping Lake Garden

A visit to Taiping always warrants getting to rediscover our beloved Taiping Lake Garden. This time round, we were up with the dawn chorus. So were Taipingites .  The Lake Garden is a  pocket of haven, tranquil in the morning, punctuated by the animal calls of the Zoo in its midst. My hubby bumped into an ex -staff and his wife, 'Hey, long time no see!' Quickly mobile numbers were exchanged.

 The  100 year old rain trees still stand as sentinels. Long may they live! The old zig - zag bridge also stands, reminding me of the blissful hours with my school friends; one of whom has turned a granny. A few of us, young 15 year olds, snapped photos, each taking turns as we daintily posed, our hemlines spread out in semi - circles on the grassy turf. So, instead of walking the pavements, following the joggers, it was a good time to zig - zag and remember the good times, once again.

Still early but am so wide -eyed!

These trees bring fame to Taiping .

How low can you go? 

A hornbill must have strayed from the Zoo nearby.

What do we want to see? Clear skies and everything nice!

 I did the zig -zag, once again like those times . Only thing the teen days are gone with senior days to enjoy!
The sun had risen ; the world awakes..

A solitary jacaranda  stands out among the greenery.

Get your latest news from the vendor after your walk.

Time to clean up after the visitors. Please keepTaiping clean.