Thursday, October 15, 2015

London, I'm here!

A wet day at Tate Modern on the 6th floor - for one of the best views in London.

Lunch time salad at Tate Modern cafe. Great service.

Bless ye - A happy Friar still stands - spotted him on the way to the Tate Modern.

Covent Garden  - a delightful visit 

                             Picasso's sculpture at The National Portrait Gallery

At the National Portrait Gallery cafe -  enchantingly beautiful . A place to enjoy a special atmosphere.

A good afternoon spent at The National Portrait gallery

Above my head - a towering figure indeed!

Big Ben  and me!

A lovely sunny day , the red gladdens the heart - just across Buckingham Palace

Queen Victoria - a long reign which is now outstripped by Queen Elizabeth 2

Bursts of colours in St. James Park - beautiful and compact.

Lunch in the cafe at St Martin's In The Fields. 

Trafalgar Square, central London  - so much to absorb. 

Iconic National Gallery, London  - always bustling inside and outside.
Sit around  or mingle - fascinating sights at Trafalgar Square to take your fancy away.

Japanese garden  - serene  as the small waterfall tumbles into a koi pond in Holland park.

At a Holland Park cafe for morning coffee and cakes - playful time of staff and a very  young client, my niece

Accompanied  my little niece to her  indoor play in Holland Park. The centre was opened by the Duchess of Cambridge, 

For sure it's a sunny afternoon, White Rabbit! At Portobello  Market, Notting Hill.

Indeed a  worthwhile visit , my first on a big  ship, HMS Belfast.

On board the historic HMS Belfast, berthed on the Thames. It is operated by the Imperial War Museums. One gets an interesting insight into what  life was like at war and at sea

Seeing the spire of the Cathedral nearby, as I spent some time in Borough Market, Southwark I  decided to pay a visit inside.


  1. Cool! Have a happy time in London!

  2. Howcome your London is so lively compared to what I usually see? Guess the sunshine plays a great difference. BTW now I got it..Saw somebody who looked very familiar at the Laughing yoga in WIM last Friday at SeniorsAloud gathering but just cannot put your face & name together. Bananaz was there too haha.

  3. Thanks for popping by. Yes, I wanted to be there when the sun shines! And I got it all through the 5 weeks, in Jersey and Guernsey too.

    I would have been happy to acknowledge you! Perhaps , another time at SeniorsAloud?

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  5. Beautiful photos and memories, Keats! Wish I could visit one day but the ringgit has fallen so low now.

  6. London is calling! I'm certain you'll be there one day. Our world has shrunk. I understand the low ringgit - uuggh!


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