Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wag tail - HOME!

A red ribbon for X'mas! ( Bag of doggie biscuits too!)

Robbie, our pet barked excitedly when some men came knocking on his door, so to speak.

It was time to get some work done on his kennel. Imagine, his home is 28 years old !! Sturdy and spacious, it has withstood the years and the elements of sun and rain. The only signs of aging were a couple of planks and rusting metal frame.

In fact Robbie 'inherited ' this home. The previous owners were our Alsatians, Czarina and Ninja. Suzie, our daschund didn't sleep in one. The kennel also has travelled from suburb to suburb with our moving.

He got all excited when he saw the men tearing down his house. We had to let him loose. But he didn't seem to mind the noise of the drill nor the sparks flying from the welding gun.The old green coat was soon covered with timber colour. Old planks were replaced with some hardwood again. Made to last! And the legs of metal frame on which the kennel sits were lowered.

You see, Robbie is getting on. Yup, he'll be 10 on 23 Sept. Hang on! Do I hear you say , 'Are you kidding me?' He looks bright and sparkly.

Well, I have to admit he's ' a handsome boy!' Auntie May always pays him this compliment. Add to this, she gave me a book on one of my birthdays. Guess what? Marley and Me, of course!!

Only problem is his legs aren't so steady. So, Robbie boy, we're making it easier for you to get in and out of the kennel by lowering the frame.

Robbie's real name is Deep Purple and was whelped down south in Johore. He found his way into our home by accident, meaning we adopted him from a lovely couple. Not that they love Robbie less. Robbie's 'parents' had to move into condo living and hearing that our Ninja had passed away, Robbie had a home ready for him.

My husband fell in love with Robbie the minute he set sight on him. What can one say ? As a kid, he had goldfish, birds and dogs for pets. Robbie soon became and still is, the darling of our children.

Other dog owners on their evening walks with their pets pop by to give him a friendly rub or two at the gate. Robbie, of course, laps it up and stays quiet. A little boy used to call out his name . He waited for Robbie to appear before he was satisfied. That evening, when the rain came, Robbie got into his almost brand new abode.

Woof! Woof! Wag tail , Home!


  1. What a lovely cute doggie :)))
    I like dogs very match but
    I'am allergic for dogs !!

    You've been tagged by Kareltje!
    For more details, please visit our blog :)

    Have a great weekend :)
    Kareltje & Anya

  2. Robbie looks happy with his new home!

  3. Oh I just LOVE your dog. He is so photogenic. Isn't funny how they smile when they're happy?
    What a lucky dog to get a new house.

  4. Wow! Robbie sure is cute. And his new doghouse has serious style. Congratulations to him!

  5. Very nice kennel! Robbie rocks!

  6. Cute dog! And I like the doghouse.

  7. Robbie is so lovely and lucky as well to have the new doghouse. My dog was happy too to have her own last year and we even painted it pink cause she is a girl. :P

  8. Robbie is a Labrador, right? He's so cute and reminds me of Marley from the movie "Marley and me". Did you see the movie?

  9. Nice kennel, nice setting and nicest of all the Lab! Had one too many moons ago. Excellent swimmer. Would retrieve a tennis ball across a swamp at Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam.

  10. Hi everyone, thanks for all the lovely comments on Robbie. I told Robbie he's a celebrity but he's ignoring me and asking for his dinner!!
    Morinn, did the pink doghouse alert the other dogs in the neighbourhood??
    Angele, did not get to see the movie but will try to catch it on dvd. Robbie is a known personality in the neighbourhood.
    Chris, welcome to my blog!
    WordWalker, my husband is very proud of this kennel. Says it has history! and loves Robbie v.v. much.

  11. Beautiful new home for the lovely Robbie :)!

  12. Oh, that makes me both sad and happy. We had a Yellow Lab for 14 years. She passed away 4 years ago. We miss her so much. But we have five house cats that keep us busy.

    Great photos. You should join our Friday Town shoot outs. We would to have you. You can go to: for the details. It is just a draft for now. I will be adding all our shooters names and some more goodies when I have time.

    Assignment for next week is "Paint the Town Red."

    Everyone gets a chance at picking assignments. It's a great way to show off your part of the world and to travel without spending any money.

    I am following you now. Hope to see you next Friday!

  13. What a wonderful improved kennel! It looks comfy and will help those wobbly legs! I want to rub Robbie's belly!

  14. I love to have a dog but dont have the time and space for it. Just gave away one recently, a really cute puppy. Robbie is lucky to have you.

  15. CONGRATS Robbie on your new looks really nice. Last year we had lots of rabbits, now some at mom's place and given away too...I pestered my hubby to build a bunny shed..well, it never happened. Glad yours got around to building one and a beautiful one too. Have a good week ahead..hugs.....M

  16. Robbie is so handsome! I just love his smile! So charming! He deserves a renovated home! Look how smart his chalet looks now! Lucky boy!


  17. He's beautiful! And what a great kennel. Every dog should be so lucky.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  18. Hi
    Rosidah, glad you're feeling better.
    Patty, thanks for following me. I know, it's hard to lose a faithful pet.
    You write great updates on the folks and happenings in Crisfield.
    Marie Reed, thanks for loving Robbie the way we do.
    Molly, good to hear from you. Keep blogging, ok?
    M.Kate, CovertOperations78, Adrienne, thanks for popping in. Robbie has wonderful names for his home - chalet,bungalow!

  19. Ohhh this is a very accomodating doghouse:) Rich finishing on the ground with a lovely brown color.. I'm sure Robbie the beautiful will be in the comfort of his own home:) But one thing he just wants to love you and be loved, doesn't it?
    Anyway, will you add any interior (or exterior) lights?

    Howdy from Istanbul:)

    May miles of Smiles find you there in sister Malaysia. Very much pleased to read your note. Come again when you can.

  20. Hi
    Rajesh, thanks for visiting. Do pop in again.
    Nihal, in fact, Robbie likes the safety of his home especially when it rains and there's thunder and lightning.

  21. "Deep Purple"? cool. ;)

    Hope he didn't get too upset with the paint odour. It takes a good while before they wear off.

  22. Hi Silver,
    Thanks for visiting. Do pop in again.
    That particular paint used is better than those we use to paint our house window frames etc. It didn't emit any kind of 'painty' smell. It's for outdoor purposes.

  23. Awww...Robbie IS a handsome boy! Did you throw him a house warming party? :o)

  24. Hi wmw
    Robbie certainly IS handsome. He has many admirers, among HUMANS!! No one has asked for an autograph... yet!
    Have to say, he wouldn't know how to behave at a party. Tooo frisky.

  25. after seeing the movie, yes indeed, Robbie looks a lot like Marley. :D Take care!!

  26. Robbie is adorable, of course, I'm such a sucker for dogs! I love his new kennel, well done. :)

  27. HI
    Morinn,thanks for loving Robbie .

    Oz Girl, thanks for visiting. Robbie loves ya too!

  28. Wow Robbie is so beautiful !! I Think she is really willing to stay in her new home..Thanks for sharing the beauty...Also I Have Started My Own Website And Would Like You To Have A Look At It.I Would Love To Have Your Comments On That Also.Unseen Rajasthan

  29. Robbie is certainly handsome. He has many admireres from passers-by. They call out his name as they pass our gate.
    I will certainly visit your website.

  30. Lovely! Labs are the best, aren't they?
    So sweet natured and intelligent yet cheeky.

  31. Hi! Your Rob looks like my Goldee in some ways. Our Goldee adopted us 2 years ago. Original owner had to go overseas. A neighbour adopted her but she ran out everyday to look for we took her in with our neighbour's consent, of course.


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