Monday, March 22, 2010

Serving the needy - Klinik Derma SivaSanta

Bharatnyatam dancers of TFA - Pushpanjali - a welcome dance

As I sat among the audience listening to the speeches at the opening of the Carnival - Food, Folks and Fun, a big fund raising event for the SivaSanta Medical Camp, organised by the Temple of Fine Arts(TFA), a few things struck me: 1) Volunteerism is much alive - hearts are 'big' and love is in their hearts 2) everyone can contribute in their own way to a worthy cause 3) commitment makes dreams come true.

I got to know the humble beginnings of this medical camp which was started by TFA's founder, His Holiness Swami Shantanand. A service that was housed in a small cabin since 1982, Klinik Derma SivaSanta, the community healthcare arm has spread its wings to better equipped premises. The urban poor/underprivileged continue to receive free services under TFA's welfare project.

A dedicated team of volunteers and doctors keeps the wheels of service a-churning through the years. Between year 2000 - 2008, it has served 58,000 patients. Volunteer doctors work from 6.30 pm - 9 pm and daily about 25 patients benefit from their selfless service.

Since 1992, the outreach has grown wider as a mobile service was started. People like the orang asli, villagers and folks in small towns who can ill afford medical attention are attended to. Up and down the country, the mobile service calls on the the doorsteps of the patients on a monthly basis. Medical camps are held in schools and community halls. Annually, there is the blood donation drive which is of immeasurable help to hospitals.

With the volunteers in full force, this Carnival hopes to raise RM400,000 to expand services to provide eyecare, gynaecological, endocrinological services and a dialysis centre. In the words of the organising chairman, 'for it to be a sanctuary of love and care for those in pain.' Noble words shining through.

Only committed dedication and selfess service by the volunteers are able to see the fruition of a community service even when the economy wanes. Most importantly, it's a service that cuts across all barriers - irrespective of race and ethnicities. This was emphasized by the FT and Urban Well-Being Minister, Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin who graced the occasion. The Hon. Minister duly congratulated the TFA for its monumental efforts of caring for 130,000 needy over the last 20 years!

I enjoyed the dances tremendously and the atmosphere of the Carnival. Variety in the entertainment, food and fun galore all point towards a successful Carnival for a good cause.

My eyes were glued to the vibrant and colourful dance from Rajasthan .

Dancers from ASWARA entertained with a lively dance Zapin Dayung

Volunteers with home-made cakes and cookies. Stall serving vegetarian delights - the public were spoilt for choices.

This was part of my lunch. Couldn't resist the poster which says' best nasi lemak in town'!

Brass, stone and or metal ornaments for the house. Every ringgit counts for the new clinic.

A day for little ones too - games and henna painting.

Kick away and score!

Kelinik Derma SivaSanta
128, Jalan Berhala
Brickfields, KL


  1. Another great write-up, Keats! Darn, why hasn't anyone offered you a job as a writer for community events yet? You're born to do this! And the photos are so good! You bring blogging to another level!

    TFA does good work and I am told part of their funds comes from Annalakshmi! All the more reason to eat at Annalakshmi everyday, hurray!

    Thanks for putting the address there. I can check it out the next time I go to the Vihara.

  2. Wow, what a great event. The dancer's costumes were beautiful!

  3. What a wonderful event! I love the photos you added for this post, especially the beautiful dancers. They are so colorful. Have a blessed week ahead, my dear.

  4. Wow what an event and what an excellent report on it. You should be a professional event writer Keats. I mean, so many will benefit from your writing. Like this article should have been in the newspapers.

    I personally enjoyed it and enjoyed the dances with you. Thank you Keats.

  5. Salute to TFA & Sivasanta Medical Clinic and all the great dancers, helpful volunteers & selfless doctors, superb blogger/writer with pixs and the supportive crowd. tQ

  6. Great post with some absolutely fabulous pictures :)

  7. Hi
    ~Covert_operations'78~, thanks! Your great compliments make me look at myself more and more! LOL! Every good cause needs our help to spread the word.
    We should visit Annalakshmi and enjoy the vegetarian food- the restaurant, as you know is run by volunteers too. All serving the food with much love and dedication.

    Rena, the event was well -run and enjoyable.

    Rosidah Abidin,the dancers are the students of TFA .

    Ocean Girl,thanks! i'm really honoured to have such praises heaped on me:)) lucky thing, didn't have the writer's block sneaking in then!!

    Bananaz, everyone associated with the TFA and the Klinik Derma SivaSanta are deserving of your salute. Their work continues daily.

    Eternally Distracted, 'terima kasih', meaning 'thank you!' in malay. Have a good day!

  8. This is
    "Keats's community news magazine"

    :) Thanks for sharing!


  9. Hi Keats! Excellent post!! Everyone can help...

    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter 2, which has now landed in Mexico. Enjoy and have a great week!!

  10. what a nice way to get together!...for a cause!

  11. Amazing post
    very interesting !!!!!!
    I love the photo's

  12. Very well presented post Keats. Tks for sharing :)

  13. Hi
    BLOGitse,makes me think of the old town crier!! my blog belongs to my readers who faithfully take the time to visit. No readers, no post!! LOL!Thank you, all.

    Trotter, thanks! Mexico is an exciting place! Lucky you!

    Nalini Hebbar, yes, everyone counts!

    Anya, thanks very much:)

    M.Kate, am pleased to share. TFA works hard and is well -known for their community projects.

  14. Have you considered a career as a photojournalist for our local newspapers?
    You've got serious talent here, girl!

  15. With these good hearted souls, the world has become a better place.

  16. Hi
    Veronica Lee, gosh! I dunno what to say! Am just blogging away:)Thanks for the wonderful compliments - they are still ringing in my ears:)))

    Autumn Belle, united we can do so much! Excellent efforts of TFA!

  17. Hello!Interesting blog!Thank You for Your visiting to my blog.

  18. Lot of effort for a good purpose. So nice you blogged on this to let us know. Loved the funfilled shots too.

  19. Hi Keats, stopping by to wish you a wonderful weekend while trying out your comment section. Hugs and blessings.

  20. Volunteerism and acceptance and support to it is what will keep humanity alive.

  21. Hi
    Amin, thanks! and nice of you to stop by too.

    Indrani,I had a wonderful time there and blogging about it makes it more meaningful.

    Rosidah Abidin, thank you! have a lovely weekend too. Do give Amalia a hug for me.

    Anil P, thanks for popping in. Absolutely agree with your comment. Every good effort will then be kept alive.

  22. What a wonderful event and a great cause. Beautiful presentation, as always. I enjoyed the photos - especially the dancers!

  23. Hi
    adrienne, thanks! welcome back to blogging:))the two - day carnival was well-received.

  24. Great people, big heart, good post. Thumbs up

  25. Great event and great cause! I admire you.

  26. Hi
    CheaHS@n, may I add,a big 'HURRAH!'for Klinik Derma SivaSanta!

    Laura in Paris, thanks! just creating awareness for TFA and its projects.

  27. Thank you for introducing us to another event. Beautiful costumes!

  28. Hi
    Icy BC, yes, it was a great event. I'll be popping over to TFA for a vegetarian meal soon. Do you know, it's run by volunteers and you can make a donation for the food or not pay at all!!

  29. Hi Keats,

    How wonderful is that? Though I would pay if I eat, otherwise I would feel uneasy..Events like this make the world goes around.


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