Thursday, April 22, 2010

Say it for our TIGER!

I wrote to a few friends to ask for contributions for Tiger Blogfest 2010 in conjunction with Earth Day. The plight of our Malayan Tiger is obvious. Would they pen a few lines and let us know their thoughts?

Thank you contributors! Your views/ideas are important to us.

Sugurajah Ramalingam, retired civil servant
Melbourne, Australia

The idea is laudable but it is the implementation of it that faces enormous hurdles especially in a country like Malaysia with so many competing demands politically, economically, and socially.

However, one can still try despite all the ever present constraints to evolve a strategy towards the objective. I feel that before anything is done, one needs to carry out some sort of a survey to at least guesstimate the number of tigers by tracking them by implanting micro chips in them. That will enable one to obtain their geographical habitats or the extent of it as well as indicate their numbers.

Besides one needs to know their approximate current numbers as that will serve as a benchmark against which one can monitor the outcomes of the strategies adopted to save the tigers. That should tell one whether the strategies in place are a success or failure and if the latter, whether one needs to look at alternative strategies.

Ho Ce Line, 11 years

Round and round
there they roam
until they are found
please do not destroy their home

On all fours
they walk around with their paws
save our Malayan tigers to be fair
please think of them with care

While the young tigers play
at the place they can stay
leave them alone
they have enough trouble of their own

Tiger skin bags
tiger skin boots filling up the shoe racks
is it the best we can do?
let the tigers continue to rule!

Linda Tan Lingard, publisher of OYEZ! Books, president of SCBWI Malaysia ( Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators)

Do check out Friends For a Tiger by Peter Worthington., author of The Tipee Hipee Animal Adventure Series. Please click on the link to view.


  1. Thank you Keats for adding more voices to the plight. I fully agree with Mr Ramalingam. and the poem is rather profound. Congratulations Ce Line.

  2. Saving the worlds endangered animals is very important so our future generations have a chance to enjoy them.

  3. Hi
    Ocean Girl, I hope the tigers can hear us roaring for them!

    Pam,well said!

  4. Awesome feedback you got from your friends there, Keats! Mr. Sugurajah hits the nail right on the head. Wildlife conservation in Malaysia is such a complex issue, with so many competing demands from different stakeholders. It's not as easy as just lending our voice to conservation. Still, a symbolic start is as good as any!

  5. Hi
    ~Covert_Operations'78~, glad I got some feedback to give some different perspectives. A good symbolic start. I wonder what's up next??

  6. I just wanted to stop by and say hello and thank you for the comment on my Earth Day blog post. I am pleased to have you follow.

  7. Hi Rae, thanks for coming by.I love your Earth Day poem.So lovingly expressed.Yes, the Earth is our Mother:)

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  9. Hi
    J Bar,great to have you visit. We have relatives and friends in Sydney,Brisbane,Melbourne,Darwin, Perth, Adelaide,Canberra! It's a small world!!


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