Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jimmy Choo at Shoe Fest 2010

What is it they say about shoes and ladies? Can we ever keep them apart? Walk into our shopping malls and you can sense how vanity coupled with excitement spills as feet slip into the trendy shoe wear.

But more palpable excitement literally walked all over us when we (men included) met Jimmy Choo at the PWTC (Putra World Trade Centre) in April. Yes, it was about all manner of shoes and and more so, Jimmy Choo's shoes!! You always recognize the buzz when a celebrity is around. Weren't we thrilled to meet the man himself and see his fine display of shoes showcased for all to view. Looking at them, they shine so beautifully oozing glamour and dollars galore! (you already know, I can't afford them :( ) Still, no harm in admiring.

My celebrity moment!

Have to say tho, Jimmy Choo was the reason I was at the exhibition. His fame has spread to many shores. And he's one Malaysian who makes us proud to be one too. After all, he has put Malaysia on the high fashion shoe wear map. He shod the late Princess Diana , an ardent admirer of his talent. More celebrities, including the rich and famous make up a long list of admirers -Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep. Even US First Lady, Michelle Obama wore a pair of Jimmy Choo's at her husband Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony.

Jimmy Choo happily obliged to have a photo taken with me and so many others. How did that happen with so many happy camera - clicking fans few feet deep and I was at the back of them ? I wriggled and snaked seamlessly my way , 'Excuse me, excuse me... ,' I said gently and got my way at the top!! Then I asked a young gentleman to quickly click that celebrity moment!! Jimmy Choo was v. nice. The crowds adored him. He seemed happy to be back with the home crowd . He even shook my hand ever so warmly and said,'Thank you for coming!'

Behind all the glitz of fame and wealth, Jimmy Choo started life poor. He was born into a family of shoemakers in Penang, Malaysia. The young Choo had to give up his primary year 6 education to learn the trade. At age 11, he made his very first pair . What was a job turned into passion and he pursued shoe designing in Cortwainers College, London (now part of London College of Fashion). Money was scarce but he persisted to keep his passion alive doing many menial odd jobs - cleaning toilets, sweeping floors, working in restaurants and being frugal.

In 1986, Choo set up a shoe factory in an old hospital building in London. Sales were poor. Lady Luck shone on him in 1988. He was spotted by VOGUE who featured his designs in 8 full pages. A shot to fame but nothing much changed until Princess Diana's regular patronage for his shoes made many eyes turn towards his elegant, feminine , skilfully crafted shoes. Since then, Choo has never looked back.

Just imagine, wouldn't it be great if I had the chance in a million to interview him? After all, he seems such a humble guy who's able to mingle freely with all and sundry. Some questions I would like to ask him:

1. as a boy, what dreams did you have, as you were helping your dad?

2. it takes a brave move to try to eke a living making shoes in London, one of the fashion capitals. What was it then, in Malaysia that you saw prompted you to seek greener pastures?

3. is the Malaysian taste for shoes any different from others - hope you know what I mean!!!

4. tell us your feelings when VOGUE splashed your designs on 8 full pages.

5. Shoes and Choo are one and the same. Your fame is international. How do you cope with celebrities? Do give us your take on it.

6. you are a great model for Malaysians - your struggle, your passion all make you what you are today - with some measure of luck. Nevertheless, a truly deserving career. Share with us the traits one must have to succeed in a competitive world. More so, to gain international status.

7. Finally, we are very proud of you, Professor Datuk Jimmy Choo, OBE. Thank you for your time !!! ( gosh, my interview is over and I'm sooo excited!!!)

I read that Jimmy Choo hopes to open his dream Couture Shoe Academy in Malaysia. Fingers crossed. Be ready to be inspired!

Happy fans - he was enjoying himself too!

Thought I had smaller feet! Well, now I know!!

Many interesting events - a shoe designing competition, fashion show, shoemakers at work, naming x number of shoe retailers participating, throwing shoes into a hole to get a prize, talks, etc.


  1. Shoes and womans are ONE :-)
    But I buy more clothes !!!!
    Womens...girls...we buy all ;)
    Lovely girls post :)))))

  2. I am already feeling the pain of those shoes ion my feet. At least I can say I love the look on other peopl.e

  3. Hi
    Anya, Me too - I buy more clothes like you. make it sale time and women know where to flock!!

    Lucy, ha! ha! i know what you mean. But I've tried some other designer shoes and they are well made and comfortable. Gone are the days for me to wear such high heels though stunning.

  4. 在你一無所有的時候 是誰在陪伴你 他便是你最重要的人..................................................

  5. wow, that's some fancy footwear. i've always been more of a simple sneaker wearer myself.

  6. WOW!!! I've always wanted to meet Jimmy Choo. Lucky you!!! I didn't want to brave the crowd to see the exhibition and now I get to view the shoes up close thru your blog. Thanks!!!

    Have a nice day!!

  7. Hi
    Kate, thanks for coming by.have to say I go for heels that are about 1 - 2inches and hardly ever more. Don't want my hubby to think I've grown more important than him!!!LOL

    Veronica Lee, perhaps we'll see more of Jimmy Choo with is plans for a couture.

  8. Wow, lovely shoes.;))
    Thank you so much for your recent visit and kind comment,

  9. Hello. Nice to meet you- Glad to have found your blog- I too admire JC. His shoes are amazing and I have always admired his humble beginnings.
    I am your follower 111 (that is lucky I think)
    I look forward to catching up on your posts and not missing any new ones.

  10. Good evening!
    Interesting post.

  11. Hi
    Zuzana, thank you for visiting and am following your blog.

    Lady Ren, welcome to my blog and thanks for following. Sure,111 is lucky for you and me!! Good to share some luck:)). We'll certainly catch up again.

    Amin, good morning! thanks for coming by from the Caucasus. You have lovely blogs . Each of them is really special.

  12. Dear Keats,
    My feet and head hurt just looking at those shoes. My misaligned feet bones make it difficult for me to wear heels and anything narrow! Dato' Jimmy Choo is a marvel as an entrepreneur, an artist and a person. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I love the photos of you and him. I hadn't realised he was so tall.

  13. Hi
    ~Covert_Operations'78~,ha! Ha! not everyone can take to high heels.Wanna know a secret? - even with heels 11/2-2 inches, I slip off them under tables at dinners!! We have to ask Dato' Jimmy Choo for a pair to try on - I'm pretty sure they are comfortable in the hands of the master craftsmen.

  14. Wowie what a great opportunity to have a lovely shot with the man himself Jimmy Choo..congratz. Nice shoes tQ.

  15. That was interesting.
    A great personality and his life story is so inspiring.

  16. What a fascinating post! Have you ever considered requesting an interview? The worst that can happen is he'll say "no." (And maybe send you a pair of shoes by way of apology!)

  17. Hi
    Bananaz, i wonder which celebrity you have posed with? this was fun as I was there for him!!!

    Indrani, thanks!

    Jeanne, ha! Ha! thanks for the suggestion. I think he's too busy a personality for me to consider. I had my 'fix' on my blog!!! and I do not belong to the media.

  18. Wow, I like this exhibition, if we have this kind of show, I would like to see, looks so interesting and funny.

    As a woman, I really have complicated mood with heels and flats. With heels, I can walk gracefully and my legs can look longer, but maybe I don't have plenty of money to buy real good heels, I always feel painful after I wear them for a while, wear heels to me like a torture then.

    But I still need heels...

  19. Hi
    LilyChen,looking at models strutting in their heels makes one wanna be in their shoes too - the whole package is so much more attractive. That's women! On the other hand we hear of long suffering people who wear high heels far too often.

  20. those are lovely pairs of heels. and you're so fortunate to take a pic with Jimmy Choo. :)

  21. Exciting post! Great pic of you and JC!

  22. Hi
    Life Ramblings,thanks for coming by. I think I'd go for the first picture, shoes that is.Those jewels really accent the shoes well.

    Emily, great to see you:) hope all's well. when are you retiring?

  23. Hi Keats! You're looking great!! That would have been Mrs. Marcos paradise... ;))

    Sorry for the absence, but my computer broke down and I’ll be waiting a month for it to be fixed… ;-( Anyhow, I left you a post on the suburbs of Ephesus for you to enjoy. Have a great weekend!!

  24. HI
    Trotter, thanks!i didn't think I'd be taking a pic with JC. So, there I was flashing my biggest smile for the world.Good to see you - hope you're keeping well.

  25. Beautiful shoes. I like that celebrity moment photo of yours.

  26. Keats! I am so jealous :) And somehow felt you have gone without me :)

    I am impressed with your celebrity moment. Jimmy Choo are always with beautiful people.

  27. Oh wow... shoes! Love them!
    And it was nice seeing your celebrity pic :D
    I had no idea Jimmy Choo is of Singaporean origin.

  28. Wow. What a beautiful post. Gorgeous pictures. And how cool to have your picture taken with Jimmy himself. Thanks for visiting my blog and following me. I'm over here now following you. :)

  29. Hi
    Zue Murphy,good to see you:)my smile is flashed as bright as the Colgate smile - yay!

    Ocean Girl,thanks dear friend. hey, i'll make sure we appear in the Tatler or Prestige next time!!!

    Sunita, yay! for some of us, lovely shoes to die for:) Jimmy Choo comes from Penang, a lovely island of Malaysia.I'm afraid Singaporeans can't claim him.

    sarahjayne smythe, thank you. welcome to my blog too. There are also bags under Jimmy Choo labels. I was in Chinatown yesterday and saw them looking good too at the stalls. Now, I can afford those! Ha! Ha! Another day,perhaps.

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