Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A cool retreat

I heard the animals calling out from somewhere - deep inside. Where would Scotsman, Louis James Fraser be ? It's a pity for soon after he founded the liveable plateau, he disappeared without any trace.

I can't say it was frazzled nerves that took me to Fraser's Hill, at 1524m elevation for a retreat. It was just that the Raya hols coupled with a need to touch base with the children (and nephew) that I decided we should head for somewhere relatively near to KL. Besides, it's been aeons since Fraser's Hill has popped in our radar for a short sweet break:)

Iconic clock tower in the town centre. Reminds me of a town square of ye ol' days.

The town centre awakes to the bustle of visitors

We were in luck as the accommodation at High Pines, owned by the Russell family of BOH Sdn. Bhd was available to us. My son took to the wheels and he did well managing the many narrow bends up from GAP where the controlled 8 km one way traffic starts.

The tall pines from our bedroom.

Breathtaking view of the Main Range, backbone of the peninsula from the garden of High Pines Bungalow, one of the highest points on Fraser's Hill.

One misty, moisty morning... who goes yonder? High Pines with its distinguishable red window frames.

Cheers! The hills are alive and life is great! The best view at High Pines. Just sitting on the bench and watching clouds float by. I had to still myself to enjoy it at its best.

The table was always set for us to have our meals. Thanks, to caretakers, Mr & Mrs Tan ! We enjoyed the curry tiffin lunch the best. Of course, tea is always BOH. No apologies for that!!

Fraser's Hill has been tagged a sleepy hollow even to this day. Some come for a day trip and a cursory visit. You're right to think that no spanking malls or disco or nightlife entertainment is available. Indeed, Fraser's Hill offers nature at its best, still unspoilt. Yearly, birders wing in from near and far to participate in the much touted Bird Race. The race is not with the birds but among enthusiast birders to spot as many birds as possible and jot down their sightings . A haven for many migratory birds , Fraser's Hill is reputed to be home to as many as 250 varieties. In fact, if you slow down , you're bound to see birds that will awe you with their plummage. We saw some during our evening walks.

I love to see the bungalows perched at different elevations, each with names that hark back to colonial days - names like Scott, Wavertree, Cicely ( Kuantan), Wray ( Temerloh), Richmond, Kingswood etc. In the garden of each bungalow, lovely flowers which are unique to the hill resort brighten the surroundings and add such a lovely charm to the hill resort.

Why hurry down to the humidity below and be in air conditioned malls? Fill your lungs with the nice cool , fresh air. Maybe in the day time you should try the 8 nature trails available. I did 2 - the Hemmant which was an easy walk and a more challenging Bishop's trail. We coped well with the non -existent nightlife. Board games just got our heads together and with red wine to imbibe, we weren't complaining! Mind you, we had socks on as the evening wore on. Fraser's Hill, nicknamed 'Little England of Malaysia' lives up to its name in more ways than one.

No barrier too huge at Bishop's Trail. Guess what, leeches were there but none loved me!

Food for the pitcher plant. I was lucky to find some along Bishop's Trail.

I was rather curious about the lumpy terrain of some parts of the spacious garden at High Pines. 'Wild boars come,' was Mr Tan's answer. Lucky thing I didn't come face to face with one as a dash and sprint will not win the day!

For the price of RM 10.00, take aim - you get 8 tries. Kids got their thrill on horse rides at the Paddocks.

What a nice address - 1919 ! Bet no letters ever get lost.

We had desserts at Ye Olde Smokehouse. The right ambience to have you want to linger.

View of the town centre from Scott Bungalow where we had lunch.


  1. This is a place I'd really like to spend some time here. Everything is so therapeutic.

  2. Beautiful pictures.Breathe taking scenes. The last time I saw the pitcher plant was at my botany class.
    Have wonderful times to share with us.

  3. Hi Keats! It looks great, but a bit too misty for my taste... And the idea of watching clouds float by doesn't make my day. Prefer that favourite sport: sea watching... ;)

    Blogtrotter Two just left Sardinia 2009, but it couldn’t make it without showing you the incredible Porto Cervo and its yachts... Enjoy and have a great week!

  4. It has been a long long long time last visited Fraser's Hill well high time to plan for cool trips starting next year..tQ

  5. And I'd love this place - Trotter doesn't know what he's talking about! :)
    That misty morning shot, ooh it's cool! I can feel how breathing that clean, misty air makes good for my lungs, whole body...
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great post, Keats! I've been curious to know what Fraser's Hill looks like after its recent facelift. Looks like our little hill station is doing pretty well. I participated in the International Bird Race every year from 2002 to 2006, and won prizes in 2004 and 2005. I became a staunch advocate for the preservation of Fraser's Hill's ecology and post-colonial allure, and my letters to the press made me unpopular with certain quarters who wanted to keep beer and "Western cultural influences" out of Fraser's Hill. Looks like all the improvements made really are for the better, and I am so glad. Our last trip there was a disappointing one. We felt like we were in the middle of a squalid small town filled with cheap and tacky decorations and souvenirs and blaring dangdut music. Now it looks much more like the Little England that it was meant to be.

  7. I only went there once and never ever again! I couldn't take the journey up (it's far worse than Cameron or Genting Highlands)and I ended sick the entire time!!

    Fantastic write-up as always, Keats!!

  8. Hi, Just dropping in to say thank you for visiting my blog. Fraser's Hill looks lovely and it will be a refreshing change from busy KL. Interesting site you have here. Will be back visiting. Have a lovely day!

  9. I love that misty morning photo. I could imagine strolling around those grounds. They are beautiful indeed!

    I also love Ye olde smokehouse. It's very elegant!

  10. A prefect place for what I call brain dry-cleaning. Great photos.

    Been missing you and all my friends. I seem to spend all of my time posting about my town - it's my job now, and no time for visiting old blogging friends. Just because I am out of site does mean you are out of my mind.

    Take care and keep posting.

  11. It's been ages since I've been there too. It was one of my favorite short holiday spots until an unpleasant experience made me write it off my holiday charts. It'll remain a favorite that I will definitely miss!

  12. This looks like a nice getaway. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  13. I don't remember seeing so many cars when I was there few years ago. Probably it was off peak season. I love the serene landscape and the blissful cool weather there. We didn't trek but I would love to do that next time. The pitcher plant you discovered is beautiful!

  14. I haven't been up there. Need to bring my family there for a holiday!

  15. Great place to have adventures. :)

  16. Looks like you had a wonderful time at a beautiful place to retreat.

  17. Thank you for your wonderful blog on the delightful Fraser's Hill - a place I have returned to several times for its tranquil beauty. Could you possibly provide any contact numbers/names of people to contact about renting a room at the High Pines Banglo? Many thanks.


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