Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Deepavali cheer

I welcomed Deepavali wearing a red saree. Have to admit am still a novice tying one neatly to enhance. But in the hands of my sis-in -law's Sri Lankan helper I had no worries. I remembered to wear some bangles but forgot the stick -on pottu.

Like on previous occasions, it was the time of the year to embrace almost all things Indian. Am not a purist but having picked up some practices and culture over the years, things do not appear so daunting. Yes, eating with fingers is one of them too! And so is wearing salwar khameez on the odd occasions.

It was great to entertain friends in the comfort of our house and be as great a host as we can be. Friends old and new mingled and we were happy to renew ties with some 'long -lost' friends as our daily routine gets packed with more than mundane affairs. The run-up to the celebration involved quite a bit of legwork to get things done as I liked it to be. 60 odd guests came and it was a comfortable setting as I had seats arranged in different parts of the house.

In the evening we lined the perimeter wall of the house with tea lights in colourful glass containers. As they flickered and danced in the gentle breeze of the evening, we sat down to dinner and recollected a wonderful time had by all, especially us. The laughter we shared is still ringing in our ears and the time we shared briefly still endures .Till another Deepavali, may the lights shine bright on you my friends.

2 oil lamps flank the kolam I made to greet everyone. Someone commented it was a kind of naive art.

My lounge taking on a festive look

I rearranged my lounge for friendly seating.

Vaani who used to dress brides made me feel like a million dollar gal in my red saree:)

I joked that my hubby was 'outstanding' to guests. Well, he was as he was dressed differently and stood out! LOL.

Happy to have my blogger friend, Ee Lynn (in green) and dear friends, May and K. Khee with us - 3 true animal lovers seated together.

It's lunch time chat and friendliness. A delightful crowd.

A sumptious spread - some home -cooked and a few catered. Glad to say the compliments flowed. The white wine complemented the curries well while the fruit punch was a welcome drink in the hot afternoon.

Glad to see an old friend

In the terrace - my sis-in -law and some of my buddies.

My youngest, sweet guest. Her mum received delicious compliments for the carrot and chocolate cakes she made.

I managed to find a waiter to help out as on Deepavali day such service is in great demand.


  1. It looks like a beautiful celebration!

  2. o la laa...you look so beautiful!
    That saree is made for you. What a party, so much to eat and a waiter to help - perfect.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. You look great in that sari. And you have a lovely house. Great party! Looks like everyone had fun!

  4. You look good in the Saree.Big party! I liked your house too.You have good tastes.

  5. Thank you for having me, Keats! I had a great time at your lovely home. Robbie is such a good boy and did not bark. I enjoyed the food, the company... everything. You look resplendent in your red saree (I still can't tie mine without help) and your folk art peacock kolam was a big hit. I made a dinosaur kolam before, without glue ;)

  6. You look great in your saree. It looks like all of you had a great time. Wishing you a wonderful holiday. Hugs and love :)

  7. Glad you and your family had a great Deepavali get-together. Happy Deepavali.

  8. you look so beautiful, i like the festive look at your lounge too :)really lighted up!

  9. This is a wonderful post Keats and tks for a peep into your beautiful home. I havent worn any sarees before but eating with fingers is so ingrained into us...esp Indian food :) Happy week ahead. Hugs/M

  10. Wow! You look great in your red saree. :)

  11. Hello!It is very interesting...

  12. Beautiful! Good times good food and good friends!

  13. Hi Keat , lovely to see you enjoying Deepavali Indian style. You look beautiful in the sari.


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