Sunday, December 5, 2010

Creatures big and small at the Bentong Animal Sanctuary

Ee Lynn, my blogging friend initiated this visit to the Bentong Animal Sanctuary. Knowing her circle of friends, rounding them up was not a problem. There was an SOS from Shahrul and Jorg who run the place to say that the food supplies for the animals were running low.What sheer delight it was for them when supplies came.

Hey! this is no way to treat your guests! Bark and get us in!!

Tucked away from the main road in Bentong dwells this sanctuary. It is now in the capable hands of Shahrul and Jorg. It was a day to get to know the animals - dogs, cats, cows, goats, ducks, geese and roosters. And to see first hand how hands can get busy with this big family to take care of.

Have you been in such a big family of dogs ?

I have never been in the company of so many dogs at one time - 57! The jaunt to town in the pickup truck with 5 humans and 3 dogs - Sri Devi, Adik and Dolly was a kinda ' dogs +body' situation !! We struck it creamy rich when we dug in partially hand cranked ice cream for brunch. Later the 3 dogs licked theirs in a most well-behaved manner, etiquette prevailing, in the car.

No rules broken in Bentong! 3 dogs and 5 humans head towards town

This IS the ice cream to have ! Just trust this ad and step right in!!

The smiles say more than words! - Meena and Sasha

We had more company when we got back to the farm. Nancy and her family had arrived with more goodies and it got merrier. Later we trooped to the stream away from the main building. A lovely sunny day was a bonus to play about in the water. Of course,'mama' Shahrul and her dogs just took to their everyday playground without any prompting.

My friend, May enjoyed the sanctuary too. Bet she was eager to tell her own rascally wags at home how her day was spent. May had gone on a buying spree to get food and goodies for the animals. You can always recognise an animal lover as she dipped into her bag for treats as the dogs wagged their tails.

I wolfed down 3 scoops of ice cream - choc, peanut and pandan and a small helping of ice -kacang. That was brunch! Then came lunch outdoors. Where else but under the shady trees. Tree trunks served as high stools and the long benches were just right for company. Food was home-cooked by the farmhands and Nancy. We licked our fingers clean.

What a day! I know Bentong for its fresh, succulent ginger. Friends swear by it for its potency. Now add ice cream and the people, Shahrul and Jorg and their wonderful team of farmhands who make this sanctuary a real home for the animals.

Feeding the stream with a fresh release of catfish

'Country roads take me home...'

A refreshing sight and sound of cascading water

Pat a cow. Learn to moo and avoid the cakes !

My home, my kingdom!

All views are great - just stay in the sun!

Toes cooling off in the heat. Vying for 'Miss FarmHand' - Shahrul, Ee Lynn, May and Keats. LOL!!

Lean on me, friend

Slippery, squishy mud

A balancing act

Let's play, ' I spy!'

Honk away! I'm standing still.

Golden lunch

Jorg gathering the cabbage leaves for the ducks

Yonder trees where we shared home-cooked food which tasted extra delicious. Sorry, no pictures as the camera battery konked off!


  1. You brought dog food there? That's nice. This is the kind of place I would like to visit too. Do they sell those ducks?

  2. Those ducks are really cute. Your pictures are so good.

  3. Not surprised your battery died. It did a fantastic piece of work! I've heard of the advantages of ginger too, and use it in my cooking at least 2 times per week.

    The dogs seem to be having a great time in the water. My son is allergic to dogs, so we don't have one, but I wouldn't mind helping out at a sanctuary like the one you wrote about. They're certainly doing a great job.

  4. Pictures of the animals are great, Keats. And the ice cream sounds yummy!

  5. What fantastic photos- thanks for sharing them!

    So wonderful that you took the time to do such a good deed!

  6. For sure, my kids would love this too :)

  7. Hello!
    Thank You very much for so beautiful and interesting post!

  8. hello keat, thanks for dropping by my blog. i've just finished reading the last 3 of your postings and i must tell you that i'm just amazed at the things that you do and that you're such a beautiful that!

  9. Those ducks look quite happy to have their food. And I like local spellings of English language very much. Quite practical.

    BTW, I am coming to KL in last week of this month. Maybe you can give some suggestions to see places ?

  10. Keats, thank you so much for coming over and helping out! We are all so very grateful for the help you and May so readily gave. Thanks to you, the animals won't have to go hungry. We had a great time at the Farm and the ice cream parlour, didn't we? Hope you will come back sometime!

  11. Nice cause. I have a fear for dogs. When I was young I was almost attacked by a german sherpherd, till now, the memory of that incident still freak me out.

  12. Hi Keats,

    Your photos of the ducks made me smile and the "girls" having fun in the mud were cute!

  13. Incredible places to visit!
    I can see you had a great time...
    Greetings from snowy, snowy Helsinki!

  14. Your inimitable style.
    I love the way you write. Nice pics.
    Beware! There are more dogs on the street at certain parts of Kerala,than men!

  15. You took some wonderful photos to show all the activities there. Fantastic place to spend time at.

  16. Who won the Ms Farmhand? Got chase by goose when as a kid but cant remember whether got pecked too frightened to feel anything lol..tQ for the caring post.

  17. Learning young.
    Good set of pictures.

  18. You continued to impress me Keats. All these wonderful places you've discovered with wonderful friends.

    The ducks are really white. Great pictures. I am planning to venture into the wilderness too. Must get out!:)

  19. This is beautiful and interesting post. It’s so nice that you brought food for the dog there. That is such a good deed, indeed! :-)

  20. Wah! Really nice outdoors!!! And the 57 dogs experience!


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