Friday, January 7, 2011

Morning in Kovalam Beach,Kerala

Bringing in the cords

We skipped a lie-in to catch the buzz in Kovalam Beach. And we were amply rewarded.

At 7 in the morning the beach was slowly waking from its slumber to another day's call of activities. We strolled the soft sandy beach to look around and snap some pictures.The shops that were colourful with lights the night before were not open.

Luckily we did not miss the colourful scene of the local fishermen on the beach. This will be my best memories of Kovalam Beach, 13 km from Trivandrum where we left our cousin and family to head south. During our entire stay in Kerala, we did not tire of the many delectable varieties of fish which is a staple diet. It was lovely meen for lunch and dinner. Kerala with a long coastline facing the Arabian Sea has a strong fishing population. Fishing is one of the main sources of income for its people. Just to name a few varieties : seer/king fish, seabral (resembling halibut), pearl fish, black pomfret, tuna, indian salmon, pink perch, sardines.

We left Kovalam with loads of lovely images of men at work, resilient and ever -responding to the call of the sea. Definitely seeing their haul ,hopefully the next time round, will complete the picture.

Paddling away to the outer waters in hopes of a good catch

At the ready - all 20 men and more turbaned and in colourful sarong

High energy to get the boat into the water. Years of expertise make it look simple

All together - now! It was a lovely sight to see the fishermen in motion, chanting as they pushed and swayed

Tough act to follow. As they earn their livelihood these hardy, harworking fishermen provide shutterbugs with wonderful images of their sea faring activities.

All strong men, all team mates face the elements

Heave ho! A chain of men , all well - tanned pulling the cords for the catch to land on the beach. We watched with much interest as they synchronised the pulling and tugging. Unfortunately we couldn't stay longer to watch the haul . We had to head for Cape Comerin. Travelling takes time in Kerala as roads can be pretty bad in many stretches.

Tending to repairs

Tidying the nets before putting them in the boat to cast them in the sea

Rocky outpost to shout out when a good fishing spot is spotted.

Ahoy, who'll take me out to sea?

A tourist from New Delhi talking to the fishermen and translating Hindi to English for me.

Huge stacks of nets under thatched covers here and there on the beach

Open for business

Here's where we stayed - Hotel Sea Face - fronting the beach. We arrived just in time to see the sun setting.

Some housekeeping to do

To keep the tourists well-watered!

Getting ready the sun decks for the beach baskers

Life is a balancing act - much depends on tourist business

A child in a world of his own, enjoying the soft sand

Smiles are everywhere and people are friendly. Local womenfolk watching the fishermen at work

We had our lovely dinner of fish and Kerala curries at this outlet. Many attractive shops line the beach.

Life jackets ready for tourists who want to go for speed boat rides

Fuel to go somewhere!

Waves swishing, lapping at her feet

From where we sat, looking out onto the beach, eating breakfast of masala thosai, idli, poori and sambar, omelette, pineapple juice and Kerala coffee.


  1. Keats, what nice holidays you have there in Kerala, I can actually taste those thosai, idli, poori and curry! Those turbaned fishermen with their colourful sarongs reminded me of our Kelantan fishermen pushing their boat to sea..Ok must look for fish head curry today! Thanks for sharing those wonderful moments!

  2. I saw something like this in the documetaries not long ago. But wow you go to see it for real. How much fun.

  3. What a wonderful story your narration and photos tell, dear Keats! Those men, hard at work, one with the sea! Their colourful workclothes and heartwarming smiles! I really enjoyed this post, too!

  4. Hi Keats! Hope you entered 2011 in great shape!!
    Wonderful post!! Great that you wake up early for us... ;))

    Blogtrotter Two is visiting the third largest artificial lake in the world (by volume). Enjoy and have a superb weekend!

  5. Great shots!
    It's amazing how slim people are there and in some other countries really fat - physical work, Indian food - voilà!
    Have a good, relaxing weekend!

  6. Loved this trip you took us on through words and pictures! Thanks!

  7. Namaste! Ahoy where are you heading? Ferry across the Mersey? Oops it can be you are in Kerala. Thanks for the pixz of heave ho-ing.

  8. Nice capture of the action on the beach. Thank you for the wishes. :)

  9. What a lovely morning in Kovalam Beach. Have a wonderful week ahead :)

  10. So colourful. It is a different sight to see the beach as a working place and not just a place for leisure.

    Thank you for sharing Keats. India must be a wonderful trip for you and family.

  11. Familiar grounds.
    Wonderful pictures that speak for themselves!

  12. What beautiful, colorful photos. I love looking at your blog. It's so different and warm from where I sit right now in my cold climate of central Minnesota. The fish dishes sound delicious. And, I love the guy with all the stuff he's carrying on his head!!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Write on!

  13. oh my so beautiful.. and colourful!! I've always wanted to visit Kerala.. but never got an opportunity to!! You sure seem to be having a fabulous time!!

  14. Your world is so amazing. On my beach, people are running or biking with their iPods on. On your beach, everyone works the morning away.

  15. These pictures take me back there. Great action shots, I could almost hear their calls.

  16. Pity you couldn't stay on the beach to watch the big haul. I can always depend on you for a fantastic, informative post. I always learn something.
    Your pictures are also always fascinating.

  17. Hi Keats, are you one of the Travel Channel Team :) and you got the translator tagged along as well ;) Clean and busy beach there, thanks for sharing it here with us. Very informative and interesting and love the way you got in touch with the locals.

  18. It is a nice holiday, especially when you get to know the locals and do what the locals like to do.


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