Sunday, March 20, 2011

En Adziz and his goat farm

When we stepped out of our cars, someone exclaimed, 'Oh, it's so peaceful!'. A welcoming sight greeted us at NURFARM AGRO. Being on a farm evokes warm sentiments like this especially for city folk . The abundant greenery and the rustic look coupled with the chickens doing their swagger instantly won us over.

The GPS did not fail us; we took the wrong turn and finally  it was a relief to hear the lady's voice announcing crisply,' Arriving at destination' which was in Ulu Langat. En Adziz and his wife, Pn Zaini greeted us warmly and escorted us to their admin office, a house built with recycled timber. The house has an airy feel and we seated ourselves in the lecture room, ready to absorb  En Adziz's journey into carving his path as a goat farmer. Before the tour, we were served with drinks and snacks  like curry puff and cakes.

He has 270 odd animals, goats and sheep inclusive. The goats are of the Jamnapari and Boer varieties reared for meat. Work is never done on the farm and this farm has an integrated farming concept. There's the animals for meat, organic fertilisers and soil mix from the dung, And naturally, plants thrive well  from the specially processed fertilisers. If anyone fancies fishing, there are 2 ponds and you can fish for your dinner. But the scorching sun beat down on us and we  retreated to shady spots. We bought  some plants. Me, I couldn't resist a lime, lemon (Australian variety) and a passionfruit plant. Sure enough, there'll be a squeeze in the garden  which prompted my son to say that I was turning my garden topsy turvy!!

That's my name!

Our home with no borders

The proud owner of the farm and an equally proud grandma
Snacks in between the 3 solid meals of the day.
Do you love me? Recognise me ?- I'm a Jamnapari - see my long, pendulous ears, arched Roman nose, long neck, horns project backwards, short tail which is typically curved upward.
Bags of grass for the goats are safe  till the next feed. En Adziz says the goats are quite voracious eaters.
Sheep from Australia, Indonesia  - these do not have much wool.
Call me John. I'm 3 years old and a celebrity. Everyone wants to say hi to me!

Watch it, John! Do not try to get fresh!!

No nibbling my bum, thanks!
Take more pics of me! 
The 2 storeyed barn  - full marks for cleanliness.
Do I remind you of  Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars ???
He's mine for now!
Si Manja, stay close by me. Can always recognize a granny!!
Mother's milk is best, especially the rich colostrum for a newborn


  1. Great pics! What a fun adventure. I especially like the goat who looks like Jar-Jar, and the baby, of course.

  2. There is something unique about the way they look.Their face and the some kind of peace and calmness.
    Lovely pictures.
    Yes,they are voracious eaters. I have seen them scavenging through the waste bins, and eating anything from paper to plastics!

  3. What a fun trip and thank you for sharing the tour with us.

  4. Very interesting photos. I really enjoyed looking at them and reading the captions :-)

    Take care Keats and have a great week :-)


  5. I am a goat nut. I loved this adventure you took us on!

  6. Those baby goats are so adorable and tiny!

  7. The place does look clean. Very nice farm. Have not visited a goat farm before. Simanja looks so manja! Even animals has the instinct when it comes to love and kindness. Thanks for sharing, Keats!

  8. How nice to be able to visit a goat farm... do they have a blog so that we can get more information?

  9. That's Jar Jar Binks, all right! Goats are so beautiful, humorous and personable! I love our friendly goats at the Bentong Farm Sanctuary!

  10. such a fun trip you ladies had! the goats are cute & the farm looks really nice & rustic.

  11. :) Wow! That is one fun trip. I loved seeing the pictures and the captions are hilarious.

  12. I love goat cheese!
    Cute animals, cute visitors.... :)

    Finally better day today. My arm/shoulder is not a vegetable anymore! Still a couple of days of medication and hopefully I can start massage next week...
    It's +7 in Helsinki right now and I can see the sun! :)

  13. What a wonderful trip! Thank You very much for sharing! Beautiful post!

  14. Hello,

    Very interesting post about the farm and lovely photos.

    City dwellers are always thrilled to be in a farm because there is very little greenery and clean air in the city. The freshness of the farm is something very special and gives us inward peace and calm.

    Best wishes,

  15. Mehhhh-nificient trip to goats farm and seeing lots of fun cuddling the young and old goats. tQ

  16. So so lovely cute animals
    They are looking sooooooooooooooo SWEET :-)
    Wonderful post my dear
    It makes me smile :)))))))

    Have a nice weekend
    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<

  17. Hi Keats! Amazing trip...

    Blogtrotter Two is leaving the Côte d’Azur 2010; but it has a beautiful spot for you... Enjoy and have a wonderful week ahead!!


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