Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birthday Fun

The FUN within!

How soon another year passes! It was time to celebrate another birthday of my maturing years. Like the wine that matures with age, likewise friendship. I took the opportunity to celebrate with some close friends and relatives, keeping the company cosy. Behind closed doors, in Rama V Chalet, we indulged in the Thai ambience, cuisine and basked playfully in the warm ties that bind us.

'Come in something red , a tinge or more to wish ourselves and everyone good luck' was my email to the guests. I could almost hear the resounding ayes as they clicked the replies.

Dear Janneke from the Netherlands sprung a surprise and added touches of the masterly genius of Shakespeare to an upbeat afternoon. She had been hard at work, racked her brain and had meticulously written  quotes  to hand to all the guests, Shakespeares' works extolling  friendship. For once, she stressed, I had to listen, not speak! Yes, when the Bard speaks, listen ye well! Gamely my friends  quoted Shakespeare in a few lines. Then came the nice bit  - a gift of videos of  The Shakespeare Collection of  the 37 productions of the BBC Television Shakespeare Series. Holding and accepting it with all my heart, it was indeed a weight of gold to treasure.

Songs to remember

I made a special request for Janneke to sing  2 songs. Not likely to to let a good friend off so easily when she sings with  choirs and reputable ones in the Netherlands too. Her choice of  Early One Morning, an English folk song even got us joining in the refrain  with some acting thrown in.Was I  glad to sing it again as I learned that  awhile back during my singing lessons.

After the main dishes, it was time for everyone to break free and unshackle ourselves. Mime time. Hilarity! Spontaneity! Fun time all through. I even dangled a small prize to all the sporting beings around me. The theme was movies of the 60s. How do you mime The Big Gundown, From Russia With Love, Yellow Submarine, What's New Pussy Cat? Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?  It was a blast!

Too funny to contain.

Born Free - please hurry up and guess right!

Good things finally had to end.  The clock ticked away the hours as we shared  excellent company and more than yummy Thai  food . Ain't I lucky to enjoy a special date with my girl friends to mark another memorable  day in my life.

 Chor ladda - blue flower  dumplings stuffed with chicken and shrimp. I was too busy to snap pictures of the lovely dishes. Now I've forgotten their Thai names.

Friends for life! ' A friend  is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still , gently allows you to grow' - William Shakespeare

What's THIS?

Even if you can't guess it right, just  laugh your heart out.

It was Romeo and Juliet for  her.  In desperation she grabbed the waiter!!
'Let the wine of friendship never run dry'

Last came me - What's New PussyCat?

Dear  friends minus Rupali who had to leave earlier

Friend since the inception of The Sunshine Group.

All in the family


  1. Happy Birthday, Keats, the Sunshine girl. Many Happy Returns.

  2. Happy Birthday to you Keats!
    What fun! :)
    I wish you had got a shot of your friend with the waiter. ;)

  3. That's definitely a superb birthday bash! Happy birthday, and cheers :)

  4. Happy Birthday, dear Keats! What a lovely celebration you had. You have some awesome friends! Who says Thailand and Shakespeare won't go well together?

  5. Many Happy Returns of the Day..another bright sunshine year.

  6. Happy Birthday, Keats! What a super fun day you had! :)

  7. Happy birthday, you are looking so lovely and young! I hope you enjoyed your sweet day.

  8. Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day! You are certainly blessed with so many good friends. Thanks for the sunshine you bring to our lives.

  9. What a grand celebration. Happy Birthday to you! When is your birthday? It must be close to mine - Sept. 6.

  10. Happy Birthday Keats! Wonderful photos, as always. Glad you have such wonderful friends.

  11. Thank you everyone for your lovely wishes. Am indeed a happy birthday girl and looking for more and more:)))
    Mary, my birthday falls on Aug 19.

  12. Happy birth day. The first photograph is so striking.

  13. Happy Birthday!!!
    You look so cool in 'What's New PussyCat' picture! :)

    I'll be back in October. Have a gooood end of September!
    ps. your art posting is great. I like that boy picture too, it's really good.

  14. Happy Birthday. Wish I could have found a red dress and joined you. What a lovely bunch of friends you have, each one a treasured jewel, of that I am certain. Enjoyed the photos.

  15. Happy birthday Sunshine Girl - that looked like amazing fun - how awesome to have such a fantastic supportive and fun loving group of girlfriends. What more can one wish for than true friends? I love the William Shakespeare quote - do you think he was a deeply sensitive man?!

  16. Keats, Belated Happy Birthday! HUGS! You ladies all look GREAT with the sunshine smiles on your faces! Love the photos.

  17. Happy Birthday, Sunshine Girl! You look radiant!!!!


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