Friday, December 9, 2011

Austrian - German- Swiss Charity Bazaar 2011

It's such a great tradition. When year end flies in and we say hello to November and December, I look forward to the buzz of charity bazaars by the expatriate communities. If flags be flown, they'd be happily catching the breeze and proudly shouting - Great Britain, Japan, America,  Austria, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and France!

This time round, with my friend Wanphen visiting, we eagerly made our way to the Austrian-German-Swiss charity Bazaar 2011. Added treat was the venue of Carcosa Seri Negara. The Carcosa mansion was built between 1896 -1897. It was the official residence of, Sir Frank Swettenham, the first British High Commissioner to Malaya.

The organising committees work hard  for months for their big event. Plans are well laid out to attract the public.Crafty ideas emerge from clay, paper, fabrics etc to make gifts, hands and minds get busy for worthy causes. The expat communities uplift many lives of the less fortunate who benefit from the funds raised through crafts, games, food, lucky draws and door tickets sold. Fortunate are those that get the much needed support.

I simply love the atmosphere at the charity bazaars. Besides the charitable spirit of the events, they are great cross cultural gatherings. That's the time to buy lovely hand- made stuff (mostly as presents). Seeing the enthusiasm of the volunteers, knowing their tireless efforts and feeling the spirit of the event, I always fall in love with the products. So, it's not surprising that I make it early to select the choicest of buys.

Wishing all my friends who celebrate Christmas, A Blessed Christmas.

It's gonna be a sunny X'mas!!

Advent wreaths - popular items

Kids enjoying  a bit of their own space with their cute creations

Couldn't take my eyes off her! Pity I cut off her shoes.

A warm welcome by the kids and there was a violin solo accompanied on the piano too.

VIPS cutting the ribbon to declare the event open- Ambassador Mrs Mag. Andrea Wicke, Austria, Ambassador, Dr Lenz, Switzerland, Dr Michael  Feiner, Head of Mission, Germany.

Many gifts - all made with care and love

It got a bit' steamy' as more people moved through the corridors

History remembered in Carcosa Seri Negara

The Magic Tree - I wished rm 40.00 and got a Volkswagon cap.

For  a mere rm15.00 I got 1)  Is Paris Burning 2) Mister God This Is Anna 3) The Life of Pi 4 ) They Do It With Mirrors 5) The Bone setter's Daughter

Undisputed King

Pleez grant us our wishes, Nikolaus

Raclettes by the Swiss Embassy. The Austrian Embassy was a hit with apple strudel, wine and jewelry. I bought myself stollens  and cookies, all ready for X'mas!

Lucky draw - eager people waiting for their numbers to be called


  1. oooh, I wish I was there!
    What a great event you had. Raclettes, beautiful people and a good feeling - what else is needed!!!

  2. Lovely pictures, reflecting the Christmas mood

  3. Hi Keats! I’m so happy to be here after my accident ;)

    It smells Christmas everywhere...

    Blogtrotter Two is around Scandola. Fabulous! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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  5. Nice pics of the event. Good build up for the season. Happy Christmas.

  6. Gorgeous pics, K!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Once again, such a pleasure to read. The pictures just take me to another place! I feel like I'm traveling each time I visit your blog! God bless, take care!


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