Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Golden Temple

When my hubby told his friend we were going to Delhi and staying there for 6 days, he felt we should also fit Amritsar into our itinerary. The idea was appealing 'coz we also got to know of the Beating Retreat and Change of Guard at the Wagah Border ceremony that attracts hundreds of  thousands daily  before sunset at the  common  between Pakistan and India.

So we booked a flight to visit Amritsar for the two things on out list - the Golden Temple and the Wagah Border ceremony . We had a lovely Punjabi  meal after the visit to the Golden Temple. Our guide, Kuldip in Delhi was so happy that we were visiting  Amritsar. I can still hear him  punctuating everything, imbued with much love for his homeland, The Golden Temple, and the food  with ,'.. toooo  good !'  It's true of our experience.

Here's some pictures we took at the Harmandir Sahib or what we know as the Golden Temple in Punjab.



  1. What a gorgeous looking place... and so many people... it looks like you had a good time in India...

  2. Lovely pics of the temple and the bathing tank. You two have transformed into semi Punjabi's with scarves over your heads. Trust you had food at the langar (temple kitchen) there ! Great post.

  3. Beautiful captures of the people and temple....Golden Temple is the most beautiful aspect of visiting soon :)

  4. Great post with pics. I long to visit this holy place.
    Ravi and you look good.

  5. What amazing pictures, especially the colors and of the people. It must be a wonderful journey.

    Keats, my blog has a new address and it is on my profile. Thank you Keats.


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