Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dinosaurs Live!

The visit to the Kuala Lumpur Science Centre with some residents of Sel. Cheshire Home was greeted with excitement. 2 vans ferried the residents to the venue where Dinosaurs Live! awaited us. It was a big attraction during the school holidays just over and now we have the place to ourselves!

Memories of Jurassic Park emerged as we saw  towering  skeletons  of  dinosaurs on the ground floor of the building. Up the ramp we wheeled and guided  the residents to the 2nd floor of the building. Once inside, just allow your imagination to roam. Questions popped up.  A resident  asked one burning question, ' Why are they gone?' It was duly answered by a young, pleasant  guide. No doubt remembering the dino names is a challenge unless you enjoy spelling  or particular reptile is your passion. Who can forget the  ferocious predator, T-rex  as in the movie Jurassic Park. Give a child a dinosaur toy and chances are he's king among them!

The lights play a part in enhancing a world of the unknown. The silicone, soft rubberish bodies  give these giant reptiles a lifelike look but they suffer too from vandalism  from itchy fingers. Yes, tongues and spikes have been pinched. Poor dinosaurs!

With the residents we hollered to outdo the growls of the dinosaurs when it was time to have a group photograph. And my biggest ' high'  for the day was to have a ride on a dinosaur. I was surprised and asked the photographer if it was really alright. But measures are in place for a safe ride without harming the creature and the rider. All for a fee of RM10.00

It was a golden opportunity as it I saw it - ride a dino? Out of this world! That adds to my list of riding on a yak, camel, elephant, ostrich, donkey. Kiasu! I could only risk myself up there and not one of the residents. However she was happy to have  memories of a photo to take home for a lovely outing.

After that we adjourned to one of our members' house which is disabled friendly for a catered South Indian lunch with apple pie and ice cream and melon for dessert. Before anyone wilted in the hot afternoon  and a hazy sky, it was time to head for home, leaving the dinosaurs to rule ...

Big smiley welcome on the ground floor of the building

The largest carnivorous dinosaur  - Spinosaurus outclasses T-rex by 1 -2 tons.

A nice bed of teeth from the largest crocodile that ever lived.

Dino of the feathered kind

All meany and hungry !

Basking in the glow of being alive

Just snoozing, don't wake me up!

Go on, scream your hearts out!!

A photo souvenir - baring  teeth and  growling.


  1. Great dinosaurs pictures, Keats. Your last picture reminds me of the time I rode an elephant. I was the only adult doing it, but I didn't care. It felt great.

    And ice cream afterwards! What a treat! :-)

  2. Wow! Amazing creations!
    Had they been alive even today... what a scene it would be!

  3. Had a good laugh looking at the last shot...

  4. It was a wonderful experience going through your post. You can have a donkey, elephant and camel rides in India without much effort.

  5. The furry fluffy dinosaur makes me crack up! He looks surprised, as though he is caught red-handed at something he shouldn't be doing!


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