Saturday, July 21, 2012

IU Day - Polio Zero by Interactors of Sri Cempaka

The Interactors of Sri Cempaka held a commendable event for International Understanding Day. Dressed in light green tees with a picture of the globe and below it, their theme 'Polio Zero, A World Without Polio', they and the school children, teachers and Rotarians came together to support Rotary International's efforts on the eradication of polo worldwide.

Since 1985, Rotary has been in the forefront in this monumental task. Together with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and  other world health bodies, this partnership is close to eradicating a health scourge. With extra push, India, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan that are still ridden with polio will one day be free.

PDG Dato' Mustapha Ma gave an inspiring insightful speech on END POLIO NOW. Next a video followed showing Bill Gates advocating all Rotarians to continue the fight against polio.

Not only did the Interactors raise some money through the sale of cookies, sandwiches and drinks. To an appreciative audience, they entertained us with much music on their electric and classical guitars. We were taken on a tour of  their exhibits  and games - polio related. Though polio is eradicated in Malaysia,  nevertheless, to make it a worldwide reality, like seeing the last of smallpox, it takes not only a country but all countries to be vigilant and work together to win the fight against this preventable disease. So, Interactors, it was a great day. We're proud of you. Well done!

Congrates too to the good work by the outgoing BOD and we wish the new BOD  a great year of service ahead.

Bill Gates' message to Rotarians and the world  on the push for eradication of polio worldwide.
PDG Dato' Mustpha Ma had an attentive audience
Facts about poliomyelitis
Video showing  polio incapacitated victims
Ring them and learn how polio virus spreads
Shooting skittles down  and learning about polio at the same time
Blindfolded, I found my way to a country that needs the polio vaccine. 

Cupcakes, sandwiches  and cookies - all for Polio Zero project

Hall filled with Interactors

Recognition of the outgoing Board of Directors
New President of the Interact Club of Sri Cempaka
Impressive musical entertainment by Cempakans - so much support from the youths who sang their hearts out .

A favourite 'Don't Know Why' being sung by Sharifah

Support  from Rotarians : PDG Dato' Mustapha Ma, AG Michael Foong, Pres.Mohamad Abdullah,  Director New Generation, Ian Homer, PP Esther Tan, Director PR Keats.


  1. Nice to know that you joined such a noble cause

  2. i had a childhood friend who is a polio sufferer but he is one of the most spirited and likeable persons i know! yes, hope polio will be eradicated soon.

  3. Love that you are so involved with such a noble cause, Keats!

    Keep up the great work that you are doing.

  4. A great cause. Good that you are involved with this.

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  7. Well done, Interactors! I like how they disseminate the message through games.


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