Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rotary Fun

G7 Intercity Rotary clubs of District 3300 - Bernam Valley, Bukit Kiara Sunrise,Kelana Jaya, Tropicana , Petaling Jaya and  Pantai Valley came together for the Intercity meeting at the Bukit Kiara Sports Complex. We had a special speaker for this event.  Managing Director ,Jeffrey Saw, of gave the Rotarians and guests many ideas on how to give/donate online.Do check it out as an individual, if you're thinking of raising funds for your pet organisation or connecting people with charities you support  to make online giving easy.

 For this meeting, we came prepared to play too! Dubbed the Rolympics (Rotary Olympics!!), since the fervour of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics are still etched in our minds, we played some games to test our sportive skills. Yes, though the public may know us Rotarians  for our community-based skills in many areas, we do play hard, even if it is keeping a ping pong ball on a spoon held in the mouth and walking backwards to the finishing line!! Enough said, we had a great time; even the challenge of adding sambal to our cocktail drinks contest was out of this world!!

My great fellow Rotarians - they always rise to the occasion:)

Managing Director, Jeffrey Saw of

Need a bullseye? 

Smoking the peace pipe?? Incidentally, our Rotary International theme for 2012/13 is Peace Through Service. Come join us.
Host club, Kelana Jaya and the Presidents of the G7 Intercity Group and the Assistant Governor, Michael Foong presiding.
Humour keeps us alive.
Superb emcee who had us in stitches but we went home in one piece. Thanks, PP Steve Robinson!

Serious and steady! My club, the Rotary Club of Pantai Valley won this game. Hurray!

Take your pick and go mix a cocktail!

The mixologists - we got good marks for taste, presentation, the pitch.and the name - Pantai  Valley Sling  .

Put them all together,  for the cocktail of the century!

You gotta have a man in the team

We cracked up over the remarks by the judges on another team's presentation!

A swan sailing into the sunset with a mess to add to the preparation! The team leader tried his level best to 'sell' his cocktail.


  1. Ugh! That cocktail looks horrendous! My stomach churns at the thought!

  2. you seem to be thoroughly enjoying yourself

  3. Sounds like a fun event!

    Happy Wednesday, Keats!

  4. Look like you have fun at the event.

  5. Oh what a happy ocassion. Everyone is beaming when giving is from the heart.


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