Friday, November 9, 2012

Trojan Horse

Our tour guide, Orzu informed us that we were making a short detour to view the horse that was used in the 2004 movie TROY. A handsome horse indeed! It stands at the seafront of Cannakale. But the movie was not filmed in Troy ( Truva in Turkish). As in the movie,when Priam, King of Troy chose to listen to the priests who saw the horse as an offering to Poseidon, God of the Sea and a gift, he ignored the misgivings of Prince Paris, who protested vehemently, 'Father, burn it!'. The short -lived happiness was the downfall of Troy. While Troy  was asleep, Greek soldiers came out of the hollowed out wooden  horse and with their other counterparts attacked the city.

The Trojan Horse at Cannakale - gift to Turkey from Brad Pitt who acted as Achilles, the main protagonist  in the epic movie, TROY

The Trojan Horse at the Ancient City of Troy
My friends waved and called out, 'Helen!' ha! ha! - me, the face that launched a thousand ships ???
Which horse do you prefer? - this or the one used in the movie TROY


  1. That is one awesome horse, Keats! What fun that you got to climb up it. Was it roomy enough for a whole battalion of soldiers?

  2. You are so adorable Keats and what a wonderful experience and an amazing place to visit. The one from the movie looks more glamorous. And Keats, this is oceangirl.

  3. iLike the horse from the movie. So nice to be up inside the Trojan Horse

  4. I prefer the one in the movie, I actually know someone who made a ceramic replica of it. It must great to see it in person.

  5. lovely photos; so glad you enjoyed Turkey!:)

  6. Hola from Málaga, España!
    Thanks for your visit on my blog! I've been too busy to blog hop but if somebody leaves a comment I hop, high! :)
    I'm studying Spanish, since 1.10. until xmas. My hubby comes here and we spend xmas and New year here. (First time we're separated this long time, I miss him so!)
    This has been a very interesting...learning process, not only the language but getting to know myself.

    I've visited Turkey many times. So much to explore!
    They have those cave houses here in Spain too - perfect temperature all year round, practical! :)
    Have a good weekend!


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