Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas in Lennox Head

We had a family getaway in Lennox Head, a seaside village on a stretch of coast between Byron Bay and Ballina in New South Wales. With Coolangatta as our destination via AirAsia, it was great as getting  to my sis-in-law's beach bungalow was just an hour's drive on the Pacific H'way.

This was  our second visit.And another memorable one -  great hospitality , lovely meals and the company of relatives from Brisbane and friends, the beach walks and making friends with  Helder who hails from Portugal was regularly fishing by the beach, near the bungalow. He showed me how to prepare the fishing rod  for a catch.

Xmas lunch was specially cooked by a mother and daughter team. Boxing Day was a family affair with rellies from Brisbane and friends from Casino. It was BBQ time! Certainly Xmas is very unlike what we had experienced in Europe. I think my Xmas hat made the extra impact to say, 'Christmas is here!!'

All in, we had a truly wonderful time, in a relaxed way in Lennox. Then it was time to enjoy Sydney and we flew from Ballina via JetStar. Sydney was bustling with people. It was a treat to watch the New Year fireworks from a house atop  a hill in RoseBay . Imagine seeing Sydney Opera House and the Harbour and the night sky aglow with colours.

Happy 2013 everyone. Hope you have a happy and healthy year.

Our view from the balcony. The rush of the waves is music to our ears.

Lake Ainsworth ,a freshwater lake  north of the village which has tannin-stained waters  due to the tea trees grown there.

Lennox Point - popular with surfers and hang-gliders

Merry Xmas!

Got a chance to hold Helder's fishing rod

A friendly wave from Helder - fishing's done!

Lennox Point

A lovely day which beachcombers can't resist
Paddle surfing
The beauty of the waves

From Pat Morton  Lookout
This is where I strolled


  1. A perfect surfers' paradise. Nice pixz of Lennox point and rare sight to see Santa Claus 'topless' instead of the thick red fur jacket haha.

  2. I know Lennox Point as a surfer's paradise! I love the pictures and the joy on your face and Helder's! Great way to spend a vacation even if you didn't catch any fish ... ESPECIALLY since you didn't catch any fish, haha! Poor fishies. Happy New Year, dear Keats, and it is good to have you back.

  3. Fantastic fun filled captures!
    Wish you all a very happy new year!

  4. We have winter season so when we look summar season photos,We have interesting idea,happy years

  5. Looks like you had a great X'Mas in a spectacular place. Amazing pics of the sea, sand,waves & landscape. Have a great New Year 2013. Warm Regards Ram


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