Saturday, July 20, 2013

We Love Ya Cupcakes!

Recently the Sunshine Ladies formed a truly sweet alliance with the Economic Empowerment Programme (EEP)  students in one of their skill areas - making cakes and pastries.

We stepped in when we heard that a lesser demand  has resulted in  low production in the bakery. Heads came together and on whatsapp, our ideas came flying in - a Cupcakes forum was formed.We worked out our business model, and even excited  some generous souls  among our friends who donated 2000 cartons for the cupcakes. Gosh, that's a lotta sweet cravings out there, somewhere!!

On that morning, some of the Sunshine Ladies came to witness the launch of our joint  enterprise with the students of Cheshire Home. President Khatijah marked the date in her busy schedule and was there when the legs of the tables were unfolded and a smart red tablecloth  just said in a simple, no uncertain  manner, 'Yes, we are ready for business!' Soon the cupcakes were attractively arranged, stickers of the vendor peeled and stuck onto the cartons by the EEP students. The baker, Mr Lai was beaming proudly. I wonder  what  was running through his mind.

The students were rather shy in the mechanics of selling. But soon they relaxed under the tutelage of their teacher.So for this morning some skills were learnt  on how to fold the cake boxes, pick up cupcakes with the tongs with a kind of dexterity to sit nicely in the boxes etc.

We stayed long enough to leave in high spirits.  Not without being our own supporters, we carried home boxes of cupcakes to tease some palates of families and friends. What will it be tomorrow and the next? Only consumers' tastes and pockets will determine our success. Fingers crossed, hope  the gorgeous icing that swirls the tops, the creamy butter, the cakes lovingly baked will melt mouths and bring us more customers. Ok, more cash!

Setting up shop

Our baker giving support to his students.
Resident learning the intricacies of a  business 

On the spot tips from our Sunshine lady, Janet.
A great team behind our main attraction !
Hurrah! Our first customers.


  1. Best wishes for the new venture

  2. Those are some delicious-looking cupcakes, Keats! I am sure the new EEP venture will pick up momentum soon.


  3. Hi Keats

    After so long!

    I am looking at your older posts to see how things were going.

    The cup cakes look good !

  4. Hi Keats! Hope you are having a superb summer! Sve some for us...
    Sorry for the absence, but 2013 has been even worse than 2012... Anyhow, enjoy the blues of Grenada, and have a great vacation, if you can manage!!
    All the best!


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