Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nine Emperor Gods Festival

The Nine Emperor Gods Festival is over. Yearly, it lasts for 9 days in the 9the month of the Lunar calendar.
This year, October 4th was the start of the festival. Enakkers of the MCG did not miss the opportunity to be among the devotees and visitors to soak in the atmosphere of the Taoist festival, and be there to have a vegetarian lunch right in the temple premises.

In the late morning, we met at one of the stalls. I'm no stranger to vegetarian dishes as Indian types do feature in my diet. I found the dishes blander and different; the  Indian dishes being aromatic and spicy. Most of the dishes has soya as one of the main ingredients - as in bean paste, bean curd etc.

Besides eating, we took the opportunity to catch glimpses of the goings-on. Really, it is worth witnessing  this festive aspect of Taoism. Below are some pictures taken as we moved about the temple. Certainly, the carnival - like atmosphere can carry one away in the actvities that surround us.

Sampling the vegetarian dishes as they came.
Look up the ceiling .
Joss sticks of different sizes , bunched to offer prayers for prosperity, longevity etc.
Anyone can ask for fortune to be told.
Keeping  the fires burning  as long as the cooks are at work.
Tortoises, big and small - brightly coloured and doughy
Chinese altar decorative cloth depicting gods and goddesses
All ready for the big, big wok.
Not for the faint-hearted. Got muscle, stamina  and ready to sweat it out??
Take a quick count . 
Devotees, all dressed in white. Never a grumble.
Smoke gets in your eyes.


  1. Amazing pics of this fabulous festival. Lots of fun, frolic,food & color.The dates coincide the Navaratri festival celebrated in India also starting on 4th October.

  2. I have never witnessed this festival, so I always look forward to reading your MCG posts on all the different events and festivals that lazybones like me fail to observe, Keats! Preparing all that vegetarian food must have been tiring work for the volunteers.


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