Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kuala Lumpur Orchid and Bonsai Show

I paid a quick visit to the recent Kuala Lumpur Orchid and Bonsai Show. The idea was to lug home some lovely orchids at prices I could afford. Nothing extraordinary happened and I bought some dendrobiums with a tight watch on my budget. Yes, me hubby  would really like to hear that! There wasn't much to attract in the way of orchids though their splashes of colour drew me  to have a closer look.

Though I do not cultivate bonsai trees , I did  2 rounds viewing the exhibits, a painstaking  form of horticulture . And that's where I lack patience, not to mention skill. Whoever says gardening is all about rushing into achieving beauty? Sculpting  and aiming for an aesthetic appeal  and the uniqueness takes skill. The gardener who was pruning ever so delicately  at a bonsai plant  proved a point or two.

The bonsai beauties standing apart from each other makes the admirer pause and wonder. I've seen them in nurseries all clumped together  and to the novice eyes like mine, their beauty is lost.

For now, the dendrobiums add happy colour to my plants . Just checking on them the snails have not made the pots their home!

Tight clusters and splashes of yellow.

Phalaenopsis  display

Pink welcome

I like the shape


What a cascade! 

Beauty in starkness

Sail away

How long did it take to achieve the look?

Another bonsai beauty .  

Twisting to fame and fortune?

This huge canopy  was a big surprise to me. Looks like I haven't been around the Lake Garden for sometime.

Manicure time 

I bought  the common orchids 

Didn't have to drag myself to my car. This shuttle relieved me  of my load.


  1. Gorgeous photos of the plants and flowers, Keats! I feel sorry for bonsai trees, though. Clipped and pruned and restricted and bound :( They kind of remind me of Chinese women with bound feet :( I want them to be strong and wild and free.

  2. just wonderful Keats, I will never know how you got to the most wonderful of events

  3. The mind is so used to see bonsai like tom thumb but they are huge nowadays no more mini size


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