Sunday, June 21, 2009

Art from the Heart

'A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.'
- Chinese Proverb

Looked like the birds had winged to the concourse of the Ikano Power Centre, Mutiara Damansara during the recent school hoildays.

There was much twittering - birds and humans! In one swift flight the KL Bird Park had come to the cool comfort of the concrete complex of the shopping cenntre. Albeit in the form of a mini aviary and other associated activities.

Whoever thought of the idea has my vote.Judging by the interest generated, chances are our tourist attraction will see more people visiting the Bird Park at the Lake Garden. A couple of years ago we heard the Bird Park, touted as the 'World's Biggest Walk -In Aviary' was in the doldrums. Not any more.

The place was crowded with a festive air. But my eyes were attracted by the silent frenzy of activity among the children. They sat there quite oblivious to all the loud announcements pounding over the PA of the shopping centre. Mothers, siblings, grannies, the odd fathers were up close the little ones as their fingers guided the crayons across the paper.

School's out - so it was time to walk away from the mountainous homework and the long tutorials. It was time to draw birds and take part in an art competition. To explore nature. Or just to be part of the family fun and the myriad of activities.

Some drawings were displayed on the wall. The children drew and coloured their birds - some in flight or perched with songs to sing. Wings soared towards the sky as if to say, 'Free! Free! Forever free!
What a coincidence! Back home,I had a scoop myself. Downloading the pictures taken, it suddenly dawned on me that among some books was a drawing of an eagle done by my second daughter.She was 11 then. It was drawn lovingly to accompany Lord Tennyson's poem,'The Eagle'.

I had kept some drawings I liked in a folder. I searched a little harder and to my utter delight,I found it and 2 more! They belong to the 2 siblings. Gosh! I had forgotten myself!

Obviously there were many times when drawing and colouring were done in full abandon. Looking at these art pieces is looking back to their tender years of growing up.

I showed them to my husband. I knew the same thoughts ran through our minds . How they've grown! Now they are 23,27 and 29. Only beautiful memories to cherish.:)


  1. Wow they do have talent! I framed some of son's artwork and they are now hanging on the wall.

  2. Kids are just the best artists. It is too bad they drop art as they get older.

    Great artwork and posts. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those drawings are very pretty! I'm not sure I could have done as nicely as those kids. Hahaha :P

    Btw, I had a weird dream about birds last night. I dreamt I had a white bird but its wings were black and shiny green! o_O I'm not sure this kind of birds even exist for real! Lol.

  4. Beautiful! Children put so much effort into their drawing and coloring.

  5. Kids are the best artists :)
    Lovely friendly post !!
    I love the poem from the eagle....
    Sooooooo sweet words from a child !!
    (from papago :)

  6. I love the drawings! They made me smile. And the proverb about the bird having the song is beautiful. It explains why we write - because we have a story to tell.

  7. A very satisfying activity for the kids, my girl is always bent on her artworks, oblivious too of my blah, blah, blahs....:) I love the drawing of the eagle. Nicely done with such details. Thanks for the visit.

  8. I love children's artwork! They are amazing even though simple..Their creativeness really showed!

  9. These children's art are so cute and good. The last third photo looked so real. They are so talented for their age.

  10. Lovely birds children painted!!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  11. Hi
    Ocean Girl, that's really showing mum's love for his efforts! Bravo!

    Patty, that's true!a pity.

    Angele, did the dream wake you up? Never mind, at least you remembered it! Thanks for popping in.

    Gran,Anya, children's art is always delightful.

    Suzanne Sacramento, Veronica Lee, I agree- lovely drawings!

    Pacey, bet you know how to encourage your daughter to keep drawing. Yeah, the eagle was done nicely:)

    Danceofdreams, Alicesg, thanks for your appreciation.

    Nobu,thanks for visiting. Can never tire of children's art.

  12. What a great event! I love kids' art, and I also like going back and seeing my kids' early works.

    I tagged you with a fun game...see my blog. Play if you like.

  13. Although I do not usually like to see birds in captivity, the KL Bird Park is really wonderful because they recreate the habitats and everything looks so natural. The birds are not in miserable cages, so we actually have to LOOK for them, which is part of the fun! This looks like a really enjoyable event. What owl is that, please? It looks like a Barred Eagle-Owl to me. The kids' drawings are cute, but none are as beautifully drawn and true-to-life as your offsprings' artwork! Your children are very talented! I used to like Tennyson, Blake and Byron too when I was 11-12. I still do. Do your children still enjoy art? So few adults take the time to engage in art anymore unless they are in the creative professions. :o( More's the pity. Thanks for the great post and pics! How time has flown, indeed!

  14. Hi
    adrienne,yes, memories is such a nice feeling:)

    Covert_Operations'78, i believe it was on for the entire school hols. for as many to enjoy.
    Sorry, would a birder out there identify the owl?? It was so well trained. After every photo shot, it just hopped back to the perch without any prompting!
    Thanks for appreciating my children's art. We dabbled quite abit in art. My eldest bought some oil and acrylic paints months ago but she got sidetracked!

  15. Lovely drawings !! Seriously loved them..Great..Unseen Rajasthan

  16. What a wonderful collection of art and you said it best, art from the heart is the nicest of all. Your children are absolutely talented..though honestly, I had no idea they are all grown up now. have a good week ahead.

  17. Great artwork. The stuff from kids are always fascinating as they are simple

  18. Hi
    Unseen Rajasthan,thanks v. much.

    M.Kate, glad you like the collection.My children have flown from the nest!

    Rajesh,I agree,simple and heartwarming too!

  19. Thanks so much for droppin' by. Have a nice day.

  20. This post is wonderful and the title goes great with it. I literally enjoyed all these lovely children’s drawings. They are full of life and light. Your daughter works are wonderful. That‘s now a real treasure for you. Thanks for sharing this lovely post which made my rainy day.

  21. Such wonderful artwork from the kids -- many of them do wayyy better than I could! LOL I'm sure that owl garnered lots of attention from the kids, he looks pretty darned cool! :)

  22. Hi
    Mahmud Yussop, thanks for visiting.

    MedaM, I'm glad you took flight with this post!! Have a great day! Thanks for visiting.

    Oz Girl, same here. It's a child's world and we can only watch and wonder :)

  23. Hi Keats the sunshine girl,
    A piece of the childrens Art gives peace to the heart.Really enjoyed the post and the rest. Thanks for the warmest lines you've left in my blog. Keep on shining.

  24. Hey Keats, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comments.

    I loved looking at these bird pictures. How neat it is to see the world thru children's eyes. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  25. HI Susie, the event was a crowd -puller. People were soaking in the sounds and sights.

  26. Hi Sunshine Girl!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    That art is fantastic, thanks for sharing!

  27. Congratulation to the organizer and children that participate in this great activities.
    We should nurture them to appreciate bird, animal and nature in general.
    Lovely painting by you children.

  28. Hi
    Rosey Pollen, glad you enjoyed the post. Do drop in again.

    Tabib, i agree, nature nurtures us in many ways. Thanks for the compliments :)

  29. Frankly, these sights are stress busters for me. Such lovely sketches with tiny hands.

  30. Hi Indrani, I agree with you. Lovely stress-busters indeed!
    Have a good day!

  31. Liked this post so much. And its specially meaningful to me right now because we are looking for pics of birds as the logo for our new children's library. Its called 'Siragugal' which means wings. The pics of kids absorbed in painting is giving me ideas about activities we should do. Like your sunshine attitude!!

  32. HI kallu, thanks for visiting. Glad you like the post. Go with the flow and you'll have even more ideas coming your way! All the best for the logo you're after :)


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