Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Orchid beauties

The other day I thought it was time to stroll the Orchid Garden Kuala Lumpur to buy a couple of the free flowering type. Also, to find out what's new there, if any.

I was pleasantly greeted by a riot of colours. Hues of orange, purple, red, yellow, pink, and a mixed palette. The many shades astound my senses. Hey, sunshine equals flowers! And we've been having plenty to have the sweat trickle down our necks. A big sign welcomes visitors: TAMAN ORKID KUALA LUMPUR.

It's an easy wander around the orchid garden. It sits atop a hillock and the slightly undulating terrain makes a more interesting walk. Benches under a covered canopy with lots of ferns among the orchids give respite to tired feet. The sound of cascading water from a fountain or two makes the place so inviting , to sit and soak in the beauty around.

Even towards the early noon, the insects were singing their songs above the peaceful air about the garden. The birds were calling too. But if its anything more raucous , it's from The Bird Park which is just a hop over from the Orchid Garden.

Orchids are extraordinary wondrous beauties. The Orchidaceae probably constitutes the largest family among the the higher flowering plants. Many hybrids exist today. It is the Vanda Miss Joaquim, a free flowering hybrid which started off the orchid industry in South East Asia. Later, this gave rise to commercial interest throughout the world.

Besides being cherished for its beauty, the orchid is appreciated for its decorative qualities. Many artisans are inspired by the orchid in the making of jewellry, ornaments. Orchids are also favourites for corsages to be pinned on the lapels of VIPs for events. Not forgetting lovely bouquets too. Walk into hotel lobbies and chances are orchids stand centre stage to greet tired visitors with their burst of colours.

I bought a Dendrobium Genting Rose from one of the stalls. Cuttings, plant, souvenirs etc are sold at these stalls. The assistant was an Indonesian chap. He impressed me with the names of the flowers. To every name asked, he gave them with hesitating. One caught my eye and I asked . His reply: 'It's Aranda Doctor Siti Hasmah.' I whipped out my camera again. Certainly this specie needs attention. After all, she is our former Prime Minister's wife.

I wish City Hall (DBKL) would take a cue from him. Look into labelling the plants. It'd be good to rattle off a few names as we view the flowers. Names can be tongue -twisters but familiarity makes it easier!

My orchids do not stand out among my green plants as I have only a few pots. But when they flower, they do attract compliments. I take the easy way out and nurture the free flowering ones namely the dendrobiums.

The common pigeon orchid (dendrobium crumenatum) holds special memories. It came from my late mother -in-law's garden . She was a garden enthusiast herself and she grew lots of orchids of the Vanda specie. At the base of the plants were dried clumps of cow dung. Organic and nourishing! These lined the driveway to her house.

The pigeon orchid was all forlorn on a tree trunk. So I took a stalk. As the name suggests, when it fully blooms, it is shaped like a pigeon. No mistaking , pure and white.

My brother -in-law gave me a dendrobium anosmum ( whitish pink) with its hairy lips.It is another of my fragrant plants.

In a corner of my garden clasped against the tree trunk of the Filicium Decipien, is the Oncidium, commonly known as Dancing Lady. My husband in one of his rare romantic gestures, bought me this plant for my birthday. Over the years t has flourished. Now it's growing wild!! So, love is STILL in the air! A riot of yellow colour there! As it hangs, the large protruding yellow striped lip is the most prominent feature of the flower.

The Orchid Garden is definitely worth a visit. Take a stroll and enjoy these glorious beauties.

I could do with a gift of flowers anytime :))


  1. Such colours and beauty! Who needs to go abroad to appreciate flowers when we have such a wide and interesting variety in Malaysia? My mother has quite a passion for orchids too, and so we used to buy them from Taman Orkid, or any of the nurseries in Sg. Buloh. Shah Alam used to have annual orchid shows, and we could buy plants from the traders there. I can only remember a few names like Vanda, Cattleya, Oncidium and Dendrobium, so the Indonesian chap deserves a medal!

    Happy Gardening!


  2. Your photos are beautiful. I would like to wander around this wonderful place. Thanks for visiting, have a great day.

  3. Wow those orchids are so beautiful. Thanks for your comments in my blog.

  4. nice flower although i'm technically not a mat bunga but i will definitely make a visit there for a photo shoot

  5. According to Wikipedia: Orchid is the largest family of the flowering plants.

    The Royal Botanical Gardens of Kew list 880 genera and nearly 22,000 accepted species, but the exact number is unknown (perhaps as many as 25,000). The number of orchid species equals about four times the number of mammal species, or more than twice the number of bird species.

    It also encompasses about 6–11% of all seed plants!

  6. I really love orchids!
    You are so lucky to have been around such lovely flowers! :D

  7. Hi
    Covert_Operations'78,you're doing alright with orchid names under your mum's wings:) Kudos to the Indonesian chap!
    I belong to the Selangor & Federal Territory Gardening Soc and we are always looking for members.Please let your mum know.

    Pam and alicesg,thanks for your comments.

    xplorer. do go and surprise yourself! at least there's the beautiful orchids to admire.

    Ocean Girl, thanks for the amazing facts.

    Morinn, the free flowering ones will give you more blooms in a year. so try them , if you like.

  8. It looks like a great place. Beautiful photos!

  9. You have a brilliant fascination for flowers. I love them too, but prefer to shoot landscapes. If you find some time, please have a look at http://drparva.blogspot.com/. Thanks and love from India.

  10. I visited an orchidarium in Mexico once many years ago and was astounded by the variety and colors. They are wonderful plants.

  11. Beautiful flowers and plants :)
    I have many orchids in all colors,
    they are very cheap in Dutch!!
    I buy always to many....... LOL
    When I'am going to a garden center
    I have my car ful plants flowers etc...
    Thats me....

  12. The pics are beautiful. I didn't even know that there's a Taman Orkid in Malaysia! Thanks for sharing.

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  14. We wift rarely grows orchid, though it is beautiful. We need something that can grow naturally, without much maintenance. Hahaha...

  15. HI
    Rena, thanks for visiting.

    DR Sanajay Parva, just visited your blog. lovely views of the Himalayas. Do drop in again.

    Catalyst, the Orchid Garden is quite an easy walk. Next to it is the Hibiscus garden .

    Anya, glad to know you grow orchids too. Do you keep them in a greenhouse?

    Veronica Lee, yeah, it's there for everyone to enjoy! There's the Bird Park, Hibiscus Garden and the Planetarium all within distance of each other. And the Lake Garden which is ideal for walks too.

    BarbiePhobia, that one is (white with specks) the Aranda Doctor Siti Hasmah.

    rainfield61, nutrients and water are needed for plant growth and development. I buy foliar ferilizers and water them once daily.
    Yeah, for flowers extra attention is needed :)

  16. Keats, these are really beautiful collection of orchids. 2 years ago I went on an orchid collection, bought too much and love them but they all died under my care and I have none now. i went to our pasar tani 2 weeks ago and very much tempted to start another collection again. Wow..orchids from husband are always romantic gesture, lucky you. Have a good week..hugs/M

  17. The orchids look like they are made of velvet. What amazing colors!

  18. The orchids are so beautiful !! Really loved the way it is captured..Thanks for sharing the splendid beauty...Amazing...

  19. Hi
    M.Kate, hope you have more success with your orchids. I'm also guilty of the tLC when its needed.
    Gran, the hybrids will give us lots of different colours. The better grade will cost more.

    Unseen Rajasthan, thanks for the compliment:) Am a novice at taking photos. Never handled a camera so much in my life. Now that I've started blogging,have to try harder!

  20. I'm so glad you visited the Orchid Garden to share these wonderful photos with us. This is such a lovely post! Have a great day :)

  21. Beautiful pictures! I used to be a floral designer - it's been a while since I've had the chance to see so many beautiful varieties of orchids.

  22. Those orchids are amazing. And SO unusual! I've never seen anything like them...

  23. They are all so pretty and unique.
    Being so cold here, we never see orchids growing...only get to see them in flower arrangements, which are expensive here.

  24. The orchids are in my livingroom and in
    all our bedrooms and I have always new blooms.
    I have to many at the moment ;)
    (I have green fingers they say at home)
    I always handle with care,
    they need also love LOL
    I only spray water once a weak NOT more:)
    (NOT spray on the flower!!)

  25. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, I have some orchids too but not as lovely as these, mine are not so tropical.

  26. HI
    Rosidah, hope your leg is better after the fall on the slippery road :) have a good day!

    Adrienne, glad you enjoy these orchids. They are fabulous!

    Suzanne Sacramento, enjoy the pics!

    The Retired One, yeah, I would imagine prices would be really stiff if they aren't common. The sunshine here keeps them flowering year long ! Some flower more than others.

    Anya, am so glad to hear about your green fingers! I bet you enjoy them in your house. They last along time. A good tip too - not to over- water.

    Glennis, these beauties are from the orchid garden. Mine is a simple collection too. Mainly the dendrobiums.
    Thanks for visiting. Do drop in again.

  27. Very beautiful. I have never seen so much variety, color in one place except when there is flower show.

  28. Rajesh, welcome to my blog. With so many hybrids, the colours are just amazing!

  29. I love orchid.They are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing their beauty here. Unfortunately my house is too dry for them. :-(

  30. I love orchids too.
    You have shown some wonderful varieties today. I have a cccouple of them, wonder when they will bloom and when they bloom it will be a post for sure.

  31. Beautiful variety of orchids.

  32. HI
    Zue, you have green fingers too - your veggies are sprouting well!

    Indrani, look forward to your post on orchids.

    Tabib, thanks for visiting. I love your blog. You're really smashing with your photography. Am like a child just picking up the camera!!!

  33. Hi Ruthie, thanks for visiting. You have a lovely garden to enjoy too. Do pop in again.

  34. Wow, such gorgeous and striking orchids, and the park looks like such an inviting and relaxing place to spend some time. I would surely enjoy sitting on one of those benches under the shaded canopy. :)

  35. Hi Oz Girl, thanks for visiting. The orchid garden is a easy wander to take in the sights.

  36. Those flowers are so different! Thanks for sharing them. Thanks for popping on my blog and commenting.

  37. Hi Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife, I do agree they are different indeed. With so many hybrids, it's so wondrous. Do pop in again :)


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