Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Final Round of Blog For FT Competition - Your vote counts!

Dear friends,

Hope you are keeping well.

Just to update the latest news. The 2nd round of the Blog for FT competition results have been announced. The 5 winners for the public category have been declared But this time round, I'm not one of them.

Well done and congrates to all the winners for 5 Nov - 5 Dec entries.

I thank you all very much for coming in regularly to vote for me and to support my posts in my pursuit of the grand prize - A CAR. I hope you will continue to vote till the contest ends on 5 January. I have plenty to share with you and your friends. So, spread the news! The race is still on!!

I'm still focused on the competition with your help. Your vote counts!

Thanks ever so much:))



  1. Of course, I will! Good luck on the last round, my dear :)

  2. Will still continue to vote for you my friend, I certainly think you deserve it. You blog better than many people I know for this FT competition..keep up the excellent work Keats.

  3. I will definitely continue to vote for you, Keats! Let's hope the panel will be fair and will consider posts with merit. All the best, my friend!

  4. For us you are a WINNER :-)

    I hope next year !!!!!

  5. I will do my best for you Keats as you deserve it. I really hope like Covert said that the judge will include some judging by merit.

  6. I think you deserve it. Your blog has been so informative.


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