Sunday, December 20, 2009

Conversations with my dog

Me: 'Morning , Rob, hope you had a good night. What did you do last night?

I love to greet Robbie in this manner, to start off our day.

Robbie: Woof! Woof! 'morning!

Me: Rob, was it the musang (civet cat) you smelled last evening? Leave that poor creature alone. It's his night out!

Robbie barked non-stop and very loudly last evening at the musang. We think he does not like the odour of the musang. The neighbours do not know what's up with 'that nuisance dog'. Gosh! they must be cursing US!

Me: My garden!! (in high pitch). Uuugh! It's like a trench. Why, Rob, why? Bad boy!

Robbie: Oh, Oh ! Double trouble for one night. (and he slinks away)

Robbie's big heavy paws are like the back hoe . He moves from patch to patch around the garden. I chase him round the garden in my attempt to 'chastise' him. But by now, I'm quite resigned to uprooted plants and a mucky garden.

Me: Now, why did you have to scoot out of the gate (the thousandth time!!) , AGAIN! I don't do marathons and it's crazy! You'll get us killed in this chase.

Robbie: Hey! a dog needs to exercise!

Robbie is 'rescued' from his 'Freedom Run' out from the house. He huffs and puffs and salivates and rushes to slurp up all the water in his bowl as soon as he gets home in a grand ride back in the passenger seat of the car. Well, what does the naughty boy get? - a smack or two and across the muzzle for having two agitated owners run after him.

Me: Do you remember your mummy? I mean your human mummy? She still loves you and wept buckets of tears when she watched the movie, ' Marley and Me'. She told me so!

Robbie: WOOF! WOOF! I know, she called me her perfect little angel!

When he was 5 months old.

Robbie came to us when he was one year old. Poor mummy had to give him up as she was moving into a condominium. Rules are rules for animals. He came to us as our former Alsatian, Ninja, had passed away. My husband and children fell for Robbie the minute they set eyes on him.

Me: What's this we hear? Has the lady been giving you dhall? Rob, never , never accept food from anyone except us! Dhall will only upset your system.

Robbie: But she loves me too! Woof!

Robbie has been sneaking frequently to the far corner of the garden. Our neighbour 'took pity' on him and left dhall on the garden ledge. Robbie will eat anything, if you allow him. My husband was not pleased, to say the least. 'That will spoil his sheen, his gloss and all. Oh, the dhall will give him the runs!' he exploded. I told the neighbour one day that it was not in our dog's diet and to refrain from feeding him ! That put an end to it.

Me: Your dear vet, Dr Dhillon says they've got it all WRONG ! How on earth can they say you're a Golden Retriever on your birth certificate ! You're a Labrador!

Robbie: WOOF! I'm Rob!

Robbie is just happy in his own skin. He doesn't dispute who he is. NEVER ! Only us around him!! Daily, he gets admirers at our front gate. Total strangers stop and call out his name for he's quite a celebrity now for leading us on many a wild, senseless chase. He rubs his body against the gate and waits to be patted and rubbed.

Me: Watch that left hind leg of yours! Is it giving you trouble? Getting on, eh?'

Robbie: WOOF! Not complaining. Am fit as a fiddle.

Robbie has a genetic hip problem. He had an operation before he came to us. Old? - not a day older than when he came to us! Friends compliment and say ' he's a handsome boy!' Well, come Christmas time , a red ribbon round his neck always makes him look like a 'Romeo'! My husband insists it's the pure canine food , regular visits to the vet and lots of LOVE from him that keeps Rob 'ageless'!!

Robbie: WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! (non -stop)

Robbie is now 10 years old. Yep, he's a SENIOR in our household. He was named Deep Purple and whelped on 23 September, 1999 in Segamat, Johore.

To all animal lovers, Robbie fills our lives with so much of his gentleness . He's big yet gentle. That does not get into his way of doing his' duty'. He's not about to let a total stranger inside our house till he is calmed. Oh yes, we get into a flap when he does not behave, but who's perfect?

When I started singing lessons and used to practice at the piano with my daughter, Robbie actually appreciated my voice. Know what? As I sang, he whipped his tail in the air like he was whipping a souffle , with thumps hitting the floor!

Every day, our four-legged friend teaches us the art of unconditional love. Yes, our world has been turned topsy turvy with him . Yet, he fills our lives with love and wonder.

'They never talk about themselves but LISTEN TO YOU while we talk about ourself and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation.'

- Jerome K. Jerome

Me: oops! I've opened my big mouth again!


  1. Oh...Robbie is very adorable. I have a cat ~ Whiskie and a a dog ~ Cookie at home. Everyday both of them always want to be first to sit on my lap. There are always laughter in the house with these two sweet pets around.

  2. Oh your dog looked so cute and innocent. Have a nice Sunday. I hope you have plans for the coming holidays. I am going for a short getaway during Christmas but not out of Singapore...hahaha.

  3. Wow!!
    Robbie is a BEAUTY :-)
    He looks so CUTE !!
    Kareltje send many hugs to Robbie ....

    Have a nice sunday
    Anya :-)

  4. Hi
    Anncoo, good to know you have 2 pets - a cat and a dog living happily with you. Pets are part of us and we really have to count them as members of the family.

    alicesg,Robbie is truly big and gentle. he's only allowed in certain parts of the house as his tail swishes things off!!Have a nice holiday for this season. Merry Xmas and A happy new year to you!

    Anya, Kareltje is a beauty himself . Thanks for his hugs for Robbie.

  5. Nice to have Robbie around. We can't have any dogs, so we have a cat at home.

  6. Robbie really looks great in the pictures.

  7. hi..Robbie is cute! u know what, I have a labrador too.. same color .. lol.. i call her Labbie... she is very gentle and active too, never barks at strangers though..sigh... too friendly i can say.. just wanna have fun.. and she is only one now..

  8. He is such a handsome looking dog! I'm glad you two have found each other..

  9. Oh he is a darling.. Hera is saying 'hi' :))

  10. Robbie is one great looking pooch!!

    Merry Christmas,Keats!!!

  11. Hi
    lili11, cats are also nice to have as pets except robbie chases after cats!! enjoy your pet:))

    Onkar, glad you like our rob:))

    reanaclaire, so labbie is a young gal! well, labs are so good natured and they love a lot of attention.say 'hello' to labbie from rob!

    Icy BC, rob's mischievious but that's his nature. he's one guy who charms anyone:))

    Turquoise Diaries, i think so too till he digs our garden!!sometimes one half of his body is covered with mud!

    Veronica Lee, we've already given him a family award,'handsome guy!'. Merry Xmas to you too!

  12. Cool post Keats, he is such a happy dog :O)

  13. ROB! My old friend, ha ha! I love Robbie, even though sometimes he doesn't know his own strength. But that's only because he gets too happy when he sees guests! Everyone is a potential playmate. He is so handsome and his coat is so glossy. My compliments to his current Mum and Dad for their care. As for digging, when we have canine children, especially canine boys, we have to be resigned to the fact that we are essentially growing Hole Gardens!

  14. Hi
    M.Kate, i thought I'd go personal and talk about pets which everyone can enjoy. Rob is a delightful chappie when you get to meet him.

    ~Covert_Operations'78~, ha! Ha! Rob is waiting to wag his tail just for you when you visit! Oh yes, when he gets playful, he can walk all over me. Strong fella:)). I 'm resigned to a holey garden, at least the back garden and thanks for the name. I like it!

  15. Lovely, Robbie :). This is a very warm and unique post.

  16. Hi ROSIDAH, thanks v. much. Robbie says 'Woof! Woof!'. Come visit me one day!

  17. It brought tears to my eyes while reading this , Robbie is such a sweetie and I'm so glad he's love by so many people incld me. I have a male shih tzu who is like Robbie brought so much joy and laughter into our home.

  18. HI
    A Full-Timed Housefly, glad you enjoyed the post. We've had our study room done recently and photos of our dogs will be up on the wall. There's Czarina- alsatian, Suzie - dashchund, Ninja- alsatian and Robbie - labrador. What's you shih tzu's name?

  19. My boy's name is Paddy , he sometimes behave like a horse because he likes galloping when he is playing or simply when he is barking , he is two and half years old and has been with us since he was about 3 months old.

  20. Hi Full-Timed Housefly, say 'hello' to Paddy for me. That's an active fella! Robbie isn't active - he likes to sit around. Guess age is catching up. But give him a dog at our gate, he'll be v. noisy.


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