Friday, June 4, 2010

Dress Your man!

Make a splash with big motifs

It was a hive of activity at the National Craft Day, Kraftangan, Jalan Conlay. Ladies were browsing and buying. I was just looking and hoping to find something I like, better still at a bargain .

Then, HE caught my eye - poor fella, he cut such a lonely figure. All dressed so handsomely but people just passed him by!

There and then I thought it'd be good to share some clothes that our men wear with my Readers. I do not have to go far especially for batik. Step into a wedding reception and you're likely to see guests smartly dressed in long sleeve batik shirts. Or even any informal occasion. The younger men have the more trendy wear which makes a fashion statement. Batik need not have the old tag of being unfashionable. Times have changed. There's plenty of choices in our shopping malls, high street shops, bazaars.

I can't say Malaysian men are 'boring' when it comes to batik wear. Our formal events state ' batik long sleeve/ suit' for the dress code. Many do strut out in batik. That's when colours lift their appearance. Did I read somewhere that certain days in the week, our civil officers are required to wear batik for a Malaysian - kind of identity ?

Recently, I took some visitors from India to the Kraftangan Centre. The designs and colours can appear rather bold to outsiders but choices are immense. Like any fashion, follow your style! Choose the colours that complement your skin tone. Our garment designers seem to favour leaves and flowers as motifs. Just keep some notes in your wallet, or the plastic, if preferred.

Afer paying close attention to these guys and what they wear, I think I should be in a better position to offer advice and dress MY man well. Go ahead, give YOUR man ideas and make him stand out in the crowd !

Crosses, squiggles etc all make a carefree look

Boldly accented shirt

Different shades complement to make you stand out in the crowd.

It's always summer here but autumnal tones are welcome

Our orchid makes a subtle impact

When the dress code says 'smart casual', I guess this will do fine!

Pink and wearable - at least it shows you're in the pink of health!

How's this for a tiffin lunch with the family?

Contemporary design and the favourite black too

Be brave! - orange is in !

Get ready to party! Beside every man, there is a lovely woman too:)


  1. This is a great post Keats!

    The designs are beautiful. But I believe they'll look good on some, but not on all :)

  2. Hi
    sarahjayne smythe,glad you like them. traditonal and contemporary designs are welcome:)

    Ocean Girl, thanks! I agree - some men can be more daring in their colours. others go for more subdued. I think my hubby will veer towards the latter. Hope you're enjoying the public hol. it was MNS World Environment Day this morning and soon , off to Bingo Charity Night:)

  3. They are beautiful designs, but we are mostly tee shirts and jeans people.

  4. I love all these prints - but my man is very traditional, very "parisian", and I am not sure he'll dare going out wearing on of these shirts!

  5. Hi
    alicesg, ha! ha! jeans is everyone's favourite, I daresay.

    Laura in Paris, the expats here wear batik too to suit the occasion . The choices are great so I do not think they are 'stuck' when it somes to the dress code which simply states'batik'. I understand - we have to be comfortable too in how we look.

  6. They are unusual, some of them but my Hubby would faint if I brought one of those home he would never wear it. He is so set in his ways.

  7. Oh, they look so interesting. I'm from the midwest in the USA. Nothing that splashy is ever seen here!

  8. Hi Keats! Whch one did you buy for your husband? ;)
    When we travelled to Hawaii, I used to buy some shirts my wife wouldn't allow me to dress... ;))

    Blogtrotter Two is departing Turkey 2009! Enjoy the views and have a great week ahead!!

  9. Hi
    Lucy, some people are set in their ways - so it's hard to change their habits,including their attire.

    Mary Aalgaard, a friend from overseas commented that the colors are too strong to wear back home but it's fine to wear it in Malaysia. Do like the Romans do!!!

    Trotter, Ha! ha! he hasn't shocked me yet so I've not had to tell the same to my husband. I would say his more colourful shirts are batik types. If I were to choose from the collection above, it would be the 'smart casual'.

  10. Batik always looks so appealing, especially when you know the artistic work behind the creation of it. You have chosen beautiful designs. Have a wonderful week, my dear.

  11. Love the shirts--on the plastic models. I don't think they'll fly here with the men in the house.

  12. The shirts are fantastic. I love batik and often wonder why the government doesn't change the exisiting drab (white of all colours) uniform of our kids to batik. Can you imagine a cool cotton, comfy, short-sleeved shirt as uniform?

  13. Hi
    Rosidah Abidin, I reckon you recognise Indonesian and Malaysian batik when you see them side by side. Glad you like the designs shown.

    Bossy Betty, ha! ha! it takes getting used too - batik makes our men more colourful:)

    Veronica Lee, I guess for them, white is the coolest colour for our weather. I've only seen my son wearing a shirt with blue batik design strips on both sides of his white shirt to match blue short pants when he was in kindi.

  14. Nice batik designs you have there... but I prefer the cotton type. Very nice to weak on the go.

  15. Such lovely shirts! Batik is always elegant! I think the black silk one in the first photo is the coolest of the lot!

  16. Hi
    AJ7, cotton is comfortable and cool for our weather. the other materials do alright in air -conditioned venues.

    Amin, thanks!

  17. I am looking for a lovely batik like those in the photo

  18. wow these would certainly brighten up my wardrobe!

  19. Hi
    ~Covert_Operations'78~, glad you like the shirts. There's loads to choose from should you want one. The top picture is one of cotton. I know it's hard to tell. Does your Special Someone like batik??

    Jay,welcome to my blog. perhaps you can google 'karyaneka' and it will point you to where to get shirts like those in the picture. There's no problem in getting a variety when you're in KL.

    magicdarts,yes, for a special occasion too!

  20. Dear bloggers,
    Please write your comments in English as I am not versed in Chinese at all. I am sorry I have to delete the comments you have posted. I thank you for your visit to my blog.I hope you understand.

  21. Very interesting to see the different colors and designs on the clothes there. If I could look that good I would wear the halter thingy the female model is wearing in the last picture.

  22. There are some fabulous shirts there - In fact I want some of them for myself :)

  23. Hi
    CiCi,thanks for coming by. It's hard for men to turn up at an event and sport the same outfit. The halter thingy is certainly striking.

    Eternally Distracted, among all shown, the one in the last pic has the softest, silkest feel and expensive. glad you like the designs.

  24. I'm no fan of batik design shirts, but I think batik dresses are nice.

  25. Hi
    Amin, thanks!

    Shingo T, When hubby needs help to pick a batik shirt, we opt for the subdued colours. I find one has to try it on(like most things) and see how the designs fall on the body. Choosing a piece of material is tricky. Best to try one ready-made and you will exactly know the overall look.

  26. I love the designs! I don't see much of that over here where I live. Most shirts are so plain! I love the last two outfits with the male and female. Beautiful!

  27. Hi
    Amanda Krzywonski, I have to admit the colours are on the 'strong' side so it depends on the individual's taste. But there's tons of choices, so there'll definitely be more than one for anyone who fancies batik. Yes, I like the look of the couple too.


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