Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Smiles of Rebak Island

'Where in the world are you?' my friend asked in her sms text.
Rebak Island, Langkawi. I shot back a reply.
Where?? Nice? Absolutely!

Did I know Rebak Island before this? Not till my blogger friend, Ocean Girl told me about it. We were due for a holiday and my hubby wanted to experience somewhere special.

The van from the Taj Hotel picked us up.It was only a 5 minute ride from the airport to Port Langkasuka. From the jetty, across the 5 km stretch of waters that separates Rebak Island from the mainland, it was a 15 minute ride to our destination.

The sight of the boats berthed at the marina was a pleasing welcome. The sun was shining gloriously. On the Rebak jetty to greet us were the the staff, ready with buggies for us and other guests. Even the General Manager was there. How nice to land on the doorstep in a buggy without having to struggle with our suitcases. We were soon to find out the smiles of Rebak Island and the Taj Resort charmed us very much for our entire stay. Their hospitality was just superb.

From the restaurant looking out to the sea

Hey, lepak away! I could hear myself saying. Already I could feel myself slowing down. The balmy atmosphere induced it. That, to a city girl is priceless!

Wish upon sunny - hammock days!

But this city girl was not alone. On that weekend, Ocean Girl was there with her family. The next morning she invited us to her boat. Stepping on her 'hideaway', we could see it was a lovely home to sail the waters. All of 42 foot. Powered by two 420 horse power engines. It was special to meet her family and her 2 boys charmed us with their hospitality.

What a beaut!

I wish, I wish....

Rebak Island is named after the native rebak tree. The Taj resort is an unique and exclusive haven and privately owned. We didn't feel cut off from 'civilization' as the boat service ply frequently enough. Do what you want on the mainland , then retreat to the tranquillity and real comfort of what the resort has to offer. Or you can choose to lepak ( Malay for loiter) away and not leave the island and enjoy Mother nature and everything a secluded tropical paradise has to offer.

No traffic - just keep cycling!

Monitor lizard feeding time - ala chicken pieces

Our room faces the picturesque Senari Straits. In the evening, some hornbills flew above our heads. We had families of monkeys romping in the garden near our balcony in the morning. Never had I seen so many - from cute little ones to adults having fun at such a close range. They had their fun and then they were off. I guess they keep breakfast time like I do!

As you gaze, you marvel...

Pamper yourself, let whatever worries float away.

I had a Mojito and my hubby, the Taj special. Then we joined the other guests watch the opening ceremony and match of FIFA 2010 World Cup.

Waiting for the boat to ferry us for more sights of Langkawi


  1. wow such a nice place to indulge...

  2. Never been to Rebak Island. Looks like a nice place for a relaxing holiday!

  3. Great pictures and I know it must have been fun and relaxing.

  4. MMMMmmmmmm. Thanks for the ocean view and taste of mojito. It's a long way from central Minnesota, but I think I can smell the sea breezes.

  5. That looks like a beautiful place.:) I wish I was there too.;)

  6. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing this post, my dear. I would love to be at a relaxing place like this. I also love the fact when Blogger friends meet together in real life. Have a wonderful day :)

  7. Sounds truly heavenly, the pictures and descriptions are wonderful. It sounds like you're having an amazing time, and how marvellous that you were able to meet up with a blogging friend. Wishing you well :D

  8. beautiful and meaningful picture

  9. Hi
    Lady of Leisure,thanks for coming by.

    foongpc, it is at our doorstep!So, just pack and go!!

    Lucy, thanks! that's right, Rebak is a luverly place under the sun.

    Mary Aalgaard, tho Minnesota is a long way across the oceans, Rebak Island is just a click away!! The cyber world connects you and I so well too:)

    Zuzana, perhaps you can plan a holiday to this part of the world.

    Rosidah Abidin, it was a secret till I found it! Am sharing with everyone . Yes,it was a treat to meet up with Ocean Girl.

    Sam Liu, thanks! it was all wonderful. Ocean Girl and her sons shared their boating experiences with us.

    xplorer, how about the next cuti cuti Malaysia? Bring your family there and enjoy!

    Elettra,thanks for coming by. Have a beautiful day!

  10. Look like Langkawi is a nice place to relax. I have not been to there. Might try one day.

  11. So THAT's where you went! A-ha! Love the pic of you on the bike and just chillin' in the hammock, Keats! Your kids must be so jealous of mummy, ha ha. What a great trip -- sun, sand, surf, nature. Did you monitor the monitor lizard? Ha ha!

  12. Nice photos, great place for a holiday!

  13. The pics are awesome, Keats. Glad you had such great fun in the sun. I'm soooo envious!!!

    Have a nice day!!!

  14. WOW, what a place! Great photos!
    Next time I'll join you and we have mojitos together! :)
    Greetings from Casa - finally summer is here too!


  15. Hi
    alicsg, do visit Langkawi.It's worth a visit. we flew by airasia.

    ~Covert_Operations'78~,yes, it was hubby's choice and am glad we were there. Aiyah, we asked them to come along but they wanted to keep their holidays intact. Anyway, they came to Clearwater Sanctuary Resort, Batu Gajah, the week after with us. The monitor lizard looked heavy with pregnancy and 'waddled' in the water!

    Pete, thanks!

    Veronica Lee, there are gems in our country , even in the small towns. It's getting to know of them and enjoying them as well.

    BLOGitse, thanks! sure,when there's extra cash in my pocket, I'll head your way!! Happy summer days!

  16. The scenery of Langkawi is very beautiful indeed. I bet you must have a wonderful time there, judging from your radiant look and happy face. Good for you, gal!

  17. Wow...what a gorgeous island. It's almost like paradise to me just to see the pictures.

  18. Hi
    Autumn Belle, we enjoyed ourselves on the island. Lepak whichever way you fancy!!

  19. Hi
    Icy BC, we 're told tourists come back to holiday in this gorgeous island.

  20. It looks like a great place for a relaxing holiday :-)

  21. You describe it so well. What a haven it is! You're blessed to be there enjoying the stunning piece of nature.

  22. What a beautiful paradise. I am glad you were able to enjoy it with your hubby. Sweet!

  23. Hi
    Joyful, thanks for coming by. Appreciate your comment.

    Anne Lyken-Garner,thanks! Sun,surf and sand and great hospitality just made it all wonderful.

    Rosey, we had a wonderful time. also was able to visit the art gallery of the late Ib Hussein, our celebrated artist. Will do a post to share.

  24. Not sure how I could miss your post earlier!

    It was really a pleasure to have you and your husband on board. And I am so happy to read your review on Rebak. Rebak is home to me and yes The Taj charm is hard to resist. They presented me with a birthday cake on my birthday! And the Manager that was there to welcome you was really a sample of Taj hospitality.

    And your pictures were awesome. The bright light blue of the ocean during the time of your visit was rather unreal. And the monitor lizard, she's pregnant! Truly a pleasure to hear :)

    Keats and family, Rebak is already waiting for you to come back :)

  25. Wah.............NICE, NICE AND NICE...I did thought of Rebak the last time we went to Langkawi..was told it was not cheap too. No guessing you had a fab time. Happy weekend Keats :)

  26. Hi
    Ocean Girl,thanks so much once again for your hospitality. Just give me a call and we'll be there in a jiffy!! How nice to escape the frazzled city pace and seek some sanity in this lovely place:))

    M. Kate, thanks! Make it a special trip and enjoy it. Hope you're keeping well. have not heard from you for a while. A break is always good though .

  27. Beautiful place! All pictures are precious.

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    Have a lovely weekend.

  28. There are many hidden treasures in the world and Rebake island is one of them. It sure is a beautiful place to relax and have fun.

  29. Hi
    Claudia,thanks for coming by. Hope the sun is shining there too. Have a loverly day!

    RoseBelle, yes,it is another wonderful place discovered:)

  30. It's amazing what you can learn from reading other people's blogs! I had some relatives who went there a year ago and they said it's just a beautiful place and that the people are so friendly and were willing to help them with everything. I never actually saw pictures until now and it looks like such a dream vacation!

  31. Wherever this place is .. I want to visit!! Your shots are great and I hope you had a good vacation!

  32. Hi
    Amanda Krzywonski, it's one example of how small our world is!! Am glad you can relate to the stories you heard from your relatives. Thanks for sharing with us too.

    Laura in Paris,thanks! it was short and sweet:) have to go back one of these days.

  33. Beautiful place......................

  34. Hi Keats! Sorry for the absence, but after a long weekend break, I was working abroad last week...

    Wow! This looks awesome; I've Langkawi in my list!! Meanwhile, Blogtrotter Two discovers Sardinia! Enjoy and have a great week!

  35. Hi
    Amin, thanks!

    Trotter,good to hear from you! Hope work is not too hectic. Do let us know when you're in this part of the world.

  36. Beautiful outing !!
    I've never heard of this island before.
    Thanks for sharing.

  37. Hi
    Lay Hoon, sorry to leave that message. It finally came through!Thanks for popping in.

  38. After reading your post.. I am moved to make a visit there. The island is just a hop from where I am.

  39. Hi
    AJ7,great! perhaps you'll discover more than we did.


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