Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Awesome BONSAI

Amidst the profusion of colours at the Floria 2010, Putrajaya, the bonsai was another show stealer. The exhibits caught my attention though the dominant colour of bonsai is green, as we know it.

Up close with the exhibits, it is not difficult to see why bonsai lovers put patience and artistry into this art of tray cultivation (literal Japanese translation).

The many visits to the nurseries have not lured me to cultivate bonsai . Somehow, the appeal of the painstaking cultivation is lost on garden enthusiasts, like myself. Many nurseries do not have the luxury of exhibiting their bonsai in a 'perfect' setting - for viewers to appreciate its beauty unmarred.

This time round, it certainly was more than a cursory look. I enjoyed the exhibits which were placed at eye-level. I could just imagine myself being Gulliver in the land of Lilliputians looking at the small trees which in normal conditions grow big. I also noticed someone on duty keeping a good eye on the precious and expensive exhibits.

I wouldn't have guessed my hubby was swayed by the beauty of the bonsai . Our last stop was at a stall selling bonsai plants and the paraphernalia that go with the art for hobbyists. He bought himself a tiny one in a polybag to try his hands. That is a small step into the immense world of bonsai ! I guess fingers will have to get busy to train the young juniper plant to a desired shape with plenty of tlc too!

The asam jawa bonsai

The tree, the pot as one unit harmonizing

The ixora red bonsai

For some peace and quiet?

Majestically gnarled

Two tones to the twisted trunk

Ready to wire up??

Set me free!

Essential tool - to trim and prune to keep the plant a miniature

Your choice - size and shape to suit the plant

Which sage to choose from?


  1. I have a modest bonsai tree, that I prune and care for on a daily basis. They truly are such beautiful pieces of nature, though mine is nowhere near as grand and wonderful as the ones your delightful photographs show. I would love to go a convention like the one you attended, maybe one day :)

  2. Such unique works of art! I think it takes true talent to create these Bonsai.

  3. I love bonsai trees!
    If well kept they are art!
    I tried once.
    Of course I didn't know how to take care of it :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Your comment section doesn't give me Name/URL option so I add correct link to my blog > BLOGitse

  4. The bonsais are spectacular, Keats! Great photography. I love the bonsai plants that resemble animals. I have seen some that resemble wrinkly elephants, dragons and so forth. So amazing. I half expect them to start walking out of their pots.

  5. Truly, truly stunning. I've always wanted to take this up as a hobby. Maybe when I get older and have more time on my hands I could do it. This has always been something I admire greatly.

  6. People have hobbies of miniature buildings, toys and replicas but this miniature is a living one. Imagine a tree that can grow to a hundred ft tall shrunk to a foot tall that bears flowers, fruits and even changes its leaves colour to gold in autumn. That's awesome! No wonder your hubby fell in love with this hobby.

  7. What a wonderful event it must have been. Bonsais are some beauties. I hope your hubby will have joy with his first step into the Bonsai world.

  8. Hi
    Sam Liu, welcome back from your break. there's always a gardener in each and everyone of us. How nice to know you tend a bonsai tree.

    Rosey, wonderful horticulture indeed!

    BLOGitse, we learn new things and I hope my husband's bonsai thrives. Thanks so much for taking the necessary steps to enable you to comment on my blog.

    ~Covert_Operations'78~, yay, those that are sculptured to resemble animals are stunning. Art imitating nature!

    Anne Lyken-Garner, i reckon bonsai too is a space saver!! Hope you'll be able to take up this hobby when time permits.

    Autumn Belle, thanks for aptly telling us how awesome bonsais can be. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Rosidah Abidin, I'm sure this event has opened eyes to appreciate our wonderful flora even more. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  9. I love all those Bonsais Keats..and what would be even better is that they are all growing here. When I was in Hanoi, I did see some very awesome bonsais. They must have been growing for the longest time. Happy weekend.

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    Thanks, Matt

  11. Hi
    M. Kate,events like Floria can generate interest in so many areas - love of nature, hobby etc. Glad you saw some awesome bonsai during your recent holiday.Do you grow any yourself?

    Matthew S. Kennedy, welcome to my blog. I'm glad you like it. Will certainly pop over to yours.

  12. Beautiful Bonsai displayed. I wish I had the patience and time to look after one. The nearest to Bonsai was a purple bougainvillea that we kept for almost 15 years. They are long gone with frequent work transfer.

  13. Hi
    Bangchik, patience is a virtue here:) Like you,I am not made that way!! I like to see them in Japanese gardens.

  14. Love those photos. Very nice.

  15. I love bonsai, and these are just fantastic, and artistic looking.

  16. Hi
    Lucy,thanks! Hope you're doing fine.

    Icy BC, it is another horti art. I like to see them in as minimal surroundings as far as possible.

  17. I love bonsai. So far I am only good at reading all about bonsai and also see them at exhibition. I have not yet try to wire any plant.

  18. Bonsai is amazing! Thanks for posting these!

  19. Great educational post! I am terrible when it comes to Bonsai. I have had a few but i simply can not trim them, thus they grow into trees, hihi.;))

  20. Hi
    Zue Murphy,wiring a bonsai looks fun. there are different thicknesses of the wire to use too.

    Gran, thanks!

    Zuzana,i think mine would too if I tried!!

  21. Hi Keats! I wish I could keep one of those growing... ;)
    There is a Bonsai Museum in Sintra; amazing!!

    And there is a weird post at Blogtrotter Two waiting for your comments... ;)
    Enjoy and have a gorgeous week ahead!

  22. Bonsai is an amazing art.

    In my latest post, I mentioned you, your blog, and your lunch idea. See for yourself:

  23. I love bonsai but I am scared to try it now- maybe when the monkeys have grown up.

    Do you know what the story is behind the sage and why there is so often one with the bonsai?

  24. Hi Keats! Thanks for your comment!!
    After the odd post, Blogtrotter Two has a bit of Catalonia in Sardinia... ;)
    Take pleasure in it and have a stunning week ahead!

  25. Hi
    Trotter, We love Sintra but didn't know about the Bonsai Museum. Definitely I need to live much longer to see the places you've been. LOL

    The Caffeinated Globe, thanks for the mention on your blog. Really appreciate that. Will hop over .

    Ren-lady Of The Arts, I think the sage is there to complement the setting, sometimes with animals and houses too. Will ask my friends and let you know if any more info comes along.

  26. While in Singapore I had seen the Bonsai garden there, it was so beautiful.
    You have such lovely shots.

  27. Bonsai pruning really needs an artistic imagination and skill. Amazing!

  28. They are truly work of art. If we have bonsai exhibits here in my city, I'd definitely go. I love these mini trees. I used to have a few of them which they didn't last too long. Not so sure what went wrong though :(

  29. Hi
    Indrani, thanks!

    petite nyonya, alas, I think my hubby has over pruned!!

    Rosebelle, an art that needs to be mastered! I guess patience in a bigger dose! LOL.

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