Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fancy Fauna - Putrajaya

Nature's beauty was on display at the recent Floria 2010 themed Tropical Splendour at Putrajaya.The media and word of mouth succeeded in getting the crowds there. My brother-in- law, a professional photographer and publisher called me knowing my affinity for flowers.' Don't miss it,' was his caring gesture on the phone. I caught the tail end of the spectacular exhibits. Nevertheless, it was a worthwhile trip to this event, the third so far.

The day started gloomy but as soon as the sun shone, the beauty of the flowers glowed gloriously. Tropical Malaysia has so much to offer to the world. The cameras, humble to the sophisticated clicked like crazy. Such great memories to take home long after the flowers have faded.

So much attracted me. Yes, 400,000 flowers in the floral and garden exhibits thrilled my senses. Besides, 10 international designers from far flung Serbia, New Zealand, UK, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia made their presence felt.The theme flower was the Heliconia. It was such an amazing display. For now, zoom in with me on the Fauna Adventure - flowers celebrating our fauna.

Swinging happy - free to roam and eat of the fruits of the jungle.

Bird of heliconia pride! A head -turner of hours of labour to dress him.

Monitor lizard in the lush vegetation juxtaposed among raffelsias.

Bees and butterflies flit and colour our landscape

Ladybird, ladybird/Fly away home/Your house is on fire/Your children are flown
- a child's nursery rhyme of our humble ladybird - a gardener's friend

Someday my prince will come! The handsomest I've ever seen.

She swims the seas and comes ashore to lay her eggs. But humans want them for a hearty meal. So her days are numbered. So great is our loss.

Raffelsia in full bloom. Note how the texture comes alive - thousands of rose petals intricately overlapped and pinned down individually.

The sun bear, the smallest in the bear family. Who treads stealthily to steal your fur, bile or cage you as a pet?

Roosting hornbill - note the prominent casque on top of the upper mandible.

The elegant crane


  1. wow, it must've been a pleasant visit, so many flowers!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ps. o, ou...your comment settings does not let me leave a comment other than by old blogger profile.
    Pls read my latest post here > commenting blogger vs. wp?

  2. missed the event this round... quite an interesting display i've seen on blogs...

  3. I've never seen anything like it before. It's original and amazing. Those artists are very talented.

  4. WOW! How skilful! Looks stunning.

  5. Now that is some great color! I love the hornbill bird. It must have been a real treat. Kind of your brother to let you know about that.

  6. Hi
    BLOGitse, the event was a treat for everyone.Thanks for alerting me. will hop over.

    lechua, yay, the other bloggers like the event too. they are the real shutterbugs:))

    Bossy Betty, glad you enjoyed the event. will post more .

    Anne Lyken-Garner, we had a wonderful time and look forward to another great event the next time round.

    Laura in Paris, thanks!

    Rosey,i was not sure if the displays were going to be decent as it was already past 6 days of the exhibition. But the exhibitors kept the displays pretty much in a good state for admirers. They replaced and sprayed and prettied them up.

  7. At the indoor Floral Pavilion, I too fell in love with this exhibit. The flora and fauna are representative of our country uniqueness. Besides the flowers used, some materials are from beans and peas.Glad we have this once a year flower show.

  8. Such wonderful art work with flowers! Beautiful creations!

  9. Very interesting and beautiful. We have a similar flower festival held here recently but I did not visit it cause I sprained my back.

  10. Hi Keats! Wow! What a gorgeous post!!

    Blogtrotter Two has gone deeply in Sardinia... Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  11. AIya, I missed this event!

  12. Hi
    Autumn Belle, yes, the peas and beans helped to dress the animals.

    Indrani, glad you like the artistic efforts.

    alicesg, nature events sure is a winner and done well, it will draw the public. hope you've recovered from your injury.

    Trotter, hope you're keeping well. thanks for coming by.

    Pete, keep a date for the next time and take your kids. i nearly missed it myself.

  13. Nice photographs. The organiser considered all age group.... The younger would love these. But the older one would go for beautiful potted plants with price tags on. ~bangchik

  14. Hi
    Bangchik,it was an event for the family alright. Also for bloggers- I think if I were to shout out' Calling ALL Bloggers!', I reckon many would come have made themselves known!!

  15. Great pictures. I loved them.

  16. Hi
    Lucy, thanks!

    Thomas C B Chua,yay, enough to chase away any blues!

  17. Lovely works of artists! Very interesting :)

  18. Hi,

    I'm new to your blog!
    I miss the chance to go for the exibition! nice pictures!

  19. Creativity at its best. Love the colors of the animals.

  20. Dear Keats,
    The photos are breathtaking! Amazing that these beautiful sculptures were all made of flowers. I didn't even know that flowers could come in so many colours. The turtle was touching, the orangutan made me laugh, the ladybird for some reason reminded me of a party cake and the frog prince is so cute that I would kiss him anyday!

  21. Hi
    Tikte,thanks! the Floria 2010 was a success.

    Malar, welcome to my blog. do come again.I think Putrajaya is building on its successes to bring us more.In the meantime,let's be patient:)

    Shingo T, yay!excellent show.

    ~Covert_Operations'78~, a way of reminding us of our unique fauna. Many kids will agree with you about the ladybird and the birthday cake. Hang on, if you kiss the frog, we will have far too many men on this planet!LOL

  22. LOL, whenever I miss an event, I know where to look!!

    Thanks for the amazing pics, Keats.

  23. Wow! Stunning creations. Fauna through flora. Very creative. Have a wonderful week.

    Thanks for writing a beautiful haiku in my comments.

  24. Hi
    Veronica Lee, thanks! Hope you're keeping well.

    Rosidah Abidin, i think after the event, many new hobbyists are discovered:)


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