Saturday, August 20, 2011

Of dolls and symbols

Dress me. I'm ready!

Chris was clearly delighted in explaining to the residents and the volunteers of The Sunshine Group how to tackle  the doll making. The keywords were fun cum simplicity. The 2  colourful samples stirred  our interest.  She had  bought the  little darling peg figures from Singapore and  pencilled the faces for the prepared activity.  From then onwards, it was up to us to dress the dolls for a parade of sorts.

This activity was even' trickier' than the previous Raya card making. Again the fine motor skills had to be employed to carry out the task. Before our eyes and in our hands the dolls came alive. Wool was twisted round the top part of the peg for upper torso. A scrap of cloth was gathered  and wrapped round to make  the dress. Hair was high fashion defying gravity, very punky in some. I  helped to tie the woolly hair in a bundle. When asked if  she would prefer it sticking out like a broomstick (!) or more sedate, just framing the face down to shoulder length, my partner opted for the latter. No bad hair day hairstyle, thanks!

Let me help. This is tricky.

Am I your sweet gal next door??

Flaunt it, if you have it!

Everyone was immersed in their spontaneous mirthful laughter. Dressing up dolls is simply engaging. No wonder girls love the sweet Barbie dolls to pretty her up. But this activity with some basic materials like wool, pipe cleaners, scraps of colourful materials and a wee bit of glue managed to liven  moods and  create a carefree session.

Everyone can play!

The students of Monash Uni on their asignments were part of the session. They were asked to judge and declare the best looking dolls for prizes. 'But these are dolls.We prefer the real beauties!' Anyhow, a verdict was reached.

Let me join the parade

Colourful people !

Will  I be chosen??

How do they get through Miss World judging? This is difficult enough!!!

To round off the session, it was time to recognise universal symbols in our daily lives. A good diversion I must say to test and refresh  our minds of some important symbols. Answers flew in readily. In fact, the residents  are familiar with the symbols pertaining to shopping malls and public places like hospitals.

So ended  another lively session. For Chris who was in charge of the session, her signature local dish of yam cake is always a winner. What's more when the yam was lovingly stirred to its right consistency  during the wee hours of 5 o'clock  to prepare it fresh for snacks for the residents.


?? PJK, Dato, Datuk Seri  -just plain old me -  a security guard!

Well recognised symbol


  1. They are really adorable and it looks like everybody had fun making them. I would like to learn too, feel like it is something I could enjoy. Thank you for sharing Keats.

  2. The dolls are such wonderful creations. Lovely captures.

  3. Were you all entertaining the old folks? I see you are involved in many such activities. Thank you.

  4. Lovely! I use these to make dolls for my sunday school kids. I never get the hair right, though. They always pop off.

    You do such wonderful job to help others. They must be very grateful.

  5. I'd love to be there just to photograph the dolls... and the smiles!

  6. This looks like lots of fun! And everyone looks like they are enjoying themselves. The dolls are so cute!

  7. The dolls are all so cute! This certainly brings out the "kid" in everyone there!
    So which doll wins?? :)
    You are doing a good job, Keats!

  8. You are doing lots of good helping you community. I am so glad that this is happening. My hubby and I were once very active through many Rotary events and we helped the handicapped.

  9. oh wow so cute I need to do this with my toddler

  10. Great handycraft giving Barbie Doll a run for its money..

  11. Well done once again, Sunshine Ladies and Monash Uni students! What a meaningful day for all. Something cute, creative and colourful, and something practical and educational. The dolls are delightful!

  12. I love bananaz comment. Funny!
    These dolls are cute and a very clever craft. I wonder if you could dye the wood of the clothespins before making so you could get more variety of colors?

  13. Another lovely post!!

    Waiting for you in Corsica!!

  14. Hello! I agree with the Trotter...Lovely post!


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