Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weaving for Raya

Colours of Raya and warm wishes

The residents of  the Home had extra company for our regular Sunshine Group activity session at the Home. Thanks to some  medical students from Monash Uni who were on a programme to complement their studies, we enjoyed a merrier session.

When hands get busy, more pairs are always welcomed. That Tuesday morning we were introduced to nyaman or weaving to make a simple Raya greetings card by Helen and Linda who conducted the session.  The holy month of Ramadhan has just begun 2 days ago. An early start for the residents to get the cards made will ensure that their friends receive them on time for Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

It was not an activity to be hurried. For many, the intrinsic (small) muscles have been dormant for a long time. So when it comes to craft time, using scissors, pinching objects between fingers, we engage ever more with them .  Understandably the fine motor skills to weave in and out for the pattern are also lacking. That's when a little guidance  from a helper made the task manageable. Each step, though inevitably not precise  but  patiently done got them  closer to finishing  a task thought beyond  their completion.

 Helen had taken pains to pre cut the pieces for all to come together to make a simple card.  Each were given  in a kit  just like those crafts that  are sold in the shops.

What's more, the weaving reminds all of us of the local  ketupat, a kind of traditional rice cake wrapped in a  square casing  of young coconut leaves. Even with Raya celebrations waiting, the residents delighted in talking about Raya goodies which they are accustomed to enjoy. They recalled the open house with the ex PM, Tun Mahathir  and how they enjoyed Raya specialities like rendang, lontong, satay, lemang and more...

For some of the students,observing the progress of the session was a learning situation, seeing how the residents and helpers adjust to situations and handicaps. Glad to know that these youths in our midst are the future caregivers and decision makers of tomorrow.The nation needs them.

Slowly but surely it'll get done

More hands make light work

Raya colours for  friends

A hive of activity

Ready to be sealed and sent off!

Visitors from  Monash Uni chip in

The finishing touches

Someone  remembers me!

Thank you for the added warmth and attention 


  1. Only now I see first hand the good work you are doing Keats. And those weaving really brought me back to my childhood. Thank you Keats for everything and for your friendship.

  2. Hi Keats! So, We, The People who are not in holidays, keep the blogosphere alive... ;)

    Lovely post!!

    Blogtrotter Two just crossed Corsica from North to South. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Lovely crafts. Your job is admirable.

  4. What a great project, Keats! The Sunshine Ladies and the Monash Uni undergrads do such good work. This is a very thoughtful idea -- not only do the residents of the Home get to produce something beautiful, they also have something to mail to their friends and family if they so wish. I love the smiles on their faces with their finished projects. Priceless!

  5. So good to see the smiles... keep up the good work...

  6. What a sweet gift of time and thoughtfulness you give. Great project!

  7. Great weaving with sunshine in all their faces they so happy. Kudos

  8. Keats, you have engaged in yet another meaningful project. Always uplifting to see the smiles on everyone's face!

  9. Hello! I agree with all these comments...
    It is beautiful to see the smiles...

  10. What wonderful smiles, such patient hands!

  11. What a wonderful project work. The photographs are self explanatory. I could learn it through them.


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