Wednesday, February 8, 2012

At Teluk Cempedak

The sun, sand and sea beckon

The Sampan Bar  tells  many broken dreams of the Vietnamese refugees

This is part of their story

Climb every rock...
Tousled by the breeze

From the  Kampung Restaurant which enjoys a wonderful beach front

If someone tells me to 'go fly a kite!' I'd do just that. Ignore whatever message the person intended. I'd know where to head to - Teluk Cempedak.  There the breezes will just lift your spirits. Hold on to the kite string and just let the kite catch the wind. You've got a winner!

Over the Chinese New Year holiday, we had a mini escapade to Kuantan. During lunch at the Kampung Restaurant at Hyatt Regency facing the white sandy beach  and the South China Sea beyond, already the breezes were welcoming us. A few kites were  in the air and dancing in the late afternoon sun. So while the rest of  the family gang wanted to chill out in the air conditioned rooms, I walked the beach. The sun did not bother me. The sea breeze delighted me and I wasn't sweating. How nice.

The long uninterrupted stretch of beach is ideal for kite flying. Even in the evening as we sat at the Coals On The Beach, the balmy breeze just made it so right  to be sitting out and dining. As we sat waiting to be served, a young lass was delighting us with her nifty dancing on the sand. The breeze swirled  the hem of her lovely evening dress and billowed it. She was in her element and while dinner waited, it didn't matter to her. A kid nearby was flying a kite. Further up, where the fast food giants of Big Mac, KFC and Burger King are located, there was gaeity in the air. That part does attract  locals and tourists who just want to 'makan angin' ( Malay literally meaning 'eat wind'), sit around and watch families at play. The colourful  kites danced and twisted, swooped and climbed again and again, their tails always swing merrily along. The wind was just right to give the lift.

How mighty is the rock!

Rocks as hideaways for beachcombers

Inviting waters. We didn't see any red flags as that is a warning  not to tempt fate and play  as the waters can be rough . There are rip currents that endanger lives.

The Water Dragon visits Teluk Cempedak

A different feel on the beach at night

Take a stroll and enjoy  

On the boardwalk -  nice view that looks over rocks and the forest is just so close by.

People flock  to the beach parade  for fun 

Hear the swish  and swoosh of the waves as they hit the rocks

Hyatt Regency  by night


  1. Looked like a nice resort. Good place just to stay away from the city and just relax and enjoy.

  2. beautiful pictures! reminded me i have so long did not visit to Kuantan!

  3. the night feel along the beach is awesome! :) suitable for a romantic walk there.

    Latest: Aftermath of CNY; What do you think?

  4. How sweet is that picture of the girl and the dragon! Beautiful scenery, too - I'd love to have a holiday somewhere like that.

  5. Gorgeous shots. Looks like you had a great vacation.

  6. What a wonderful place!
    Thanks for your wishes for our 1000th!

  7. Hello, Keats The Sunshine Girl.

     Lovely your works, full of JOY.

     I am enlightened by your splendid works.
     Thank you for showing your heartwarming world.

     The prayer for all peace.
    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃

  8. What a great place to visit! Fantastic captures.

  9. Wo-ho, what an awesome place to visit! Just by looking at the pics I feel so refreshed. Thanks for visiting me, my dear. I'm not able to blog on a regular basis like I used to, but I miss all wonderful friends like you a lot. Bless you and your family in this new year. 'Til next time. Take good care :)

  10. Wow! You make Teluk Cempedak extra beautiful!

  11. I've gone drinking at the Sampan before too, Keats! Fun for visitors, not so fun for the poor asylum seekers who had to brave big waves and treacherous rocks to get to safety! Many lost their lives. You always have such lovely adventures!

  12. Hello Keats, I was here and commented before but it went missing :) I love this hotel, stayed here more than 20 years ago! and still love it and still my no. 1 choice whenever I am there. Lovely post.

  13. Teluk Cempedak is beautiful. That rock is HUGE!

  14. How I knew this beautiful place so well, its every nook, its every cranny, the very corner at the restaurant, almost every rock, the blue of the pool, the very angle the pictures were captured and nothing, nothing has changed in the 20 years. I knew I did not want to visit this post, I should have just stayed with Kopi Luwak. And now it is just too late and unbearable.

  15. What a contrast of the mighty rocks and the calm sea.
    Lovely pictures.

  16. Beautiful rocks and beach, and beautiful hotel and also very good pictures. I enjoyed it.


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