Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stalking my Dog

Let it be known I'm the grandaddy of the house. I've heard many tales spun, not least one of a certain German Shepherd, Czarina who lived to be 12 years old. Poor Suzie the dashchund, something  happened to her. Then, there was Ninja, also a German Shepherd. Well, wish me luck. Wish me more years. Thanks to my Scottish ancestry, I'm 13 and pushing on. But did my dear doc openly tell me sir, not to push our luck?  

They say let sleeping dogs lie. Whatever! This is my spot and where I like to lie. I own this spot. Much to the chagrin of me missus  (fierce one!!) and the others (hardly fierce!), they hop over me to get out of the kitchen into the terrace. Call me BodyGuard. 

Tip toeing around as I think I smell a rat. Heard the missus say she spied a small rat in the kitchen. but that's not my problem. Let the cats that come to pee and poo here take care of that.

Who cometh?  I recognise those legs but no one is opening the gate. Truth be told, my legs can still run and fast. Only a tad slower these days. Nobody knows FREEDOM like I do. Can't an old boy have some fresh air and scenery?? 

It's a bit of a maze here - heliconias, hydrangeas, tunerias, erythrina purpuras and pinks, and the newly grown passion fruit, all under the canopy of the erythrina glauca which has  garden -hump roots. Never let obstacles in your path deter one, I say.

Where's the goodies??  It's me feeling hopeless. See my tail hanging straight like a stick? Seems like  looking for a needle in a haystack!!  The gardener has just been and piled mountains of cut grass. Drat! Can't find the food scraps hidden well under.
It's the itch. 10 rounds under the phyllanthus is just so  heavenly.

This my daily workout  and it's only half way round my world ! In fact, just behind me at the wall ledge, I used to have free food from the neighbour who kindly kept some helpings of dhall. All 'forbidden fruit'  stopped abruptly when my sir came to know about it. 

Handsome wins hands down! She loves me and blows kisses all the way from Suffolk!


  1. Oh she is beauty! I love how you took us through her antics.

  2. You have a nice wonderful handsome Lab. (Can I suggest that you disable word verification which has become more cumbersome now)

  3. Hello Keats, thanks for visiting my site. So you have lovely dogs too. Those 1st and 2nd photos look lonely dogs, it's in the breed maybe, haha! Our's always look cheerful. I love them for looking happy and excited all the time.

  4. Keats, you have a lovely dog. Who would love her?

  5. Lovely pet! Interesting to read about her stories.

  6. Aww!! She is ADORABLE!

    Happy Thursday, Keats!

  7. Oh, this is a DOG! Look at his beautiful eyes...
    I can imagine how you run around with him! :)

  8. Interesting narrative with good photographs

  9. I saw Robbie wearing his harness when I came over the other day. I told Maggie that Robbie looks like a paratrooper with the harness on. So smart!


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