Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

After the wonderful visit to Fatehpur Sikri, we 'winged' our way to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary now known as Keoladeo National Park. I was looking forward to it as this would be an eco experience to enjoy so far.

Late morning into noon wasn't the best time of the day to watch birds but we wanted to see what  this place has to offer. The migratory season was on. That made me think of the Raptor Watch at Tanjung Tuan  back home which I had to miss. But the haven did not disappoint us for we saw a good number of birds to make it memorable.

Our guide cycled and we sat in a rickshaw pedalled by a staff. No motorised vehicles are allowed.  Eyes roving, what was interesting did not escape Bhim Singh Rana's keen sense. I remember a few birds : the bee eater, long-tailed shrike, Indian moorhen, greater egret, ibis spoonbill, common coot, painted stork, white -breasted kingfisher, greater cormorant. He got excited when he spotted the Sarus Crane. 'That's a rare sight,' he said of the largest and tallest bird of the Indian subcontinent. It is an elegant  grey bird with a bright red face and neck sporting a white cap .

This interlude before Jaipur was a welcome experience. The sun did not deter us. Truly my heart beat must have slowed down to a nice pitter patter just admiring the birds and asking questions! The natural surroundings of dry grassland, swamps woodlands and wetlands  makes an ideal home for  resident and migratory birds.


  1. So many Painted Storks!
    That bee eater is Little Green Bee-eater (Merops orientalis), nice shot!

  2. You have captured some very fine & fascinating pictures from Bharatpur. Are you guys still on holiday in India ? Best Wishes.

  3. Hello! What a beautiful and interesting place! Thank You very much for sharing!

  4. As always, Keats, your post brings me a sense of freedom, seeing the beautiful outdoors you've captured. I haven't been around much because I've been working very hard to finish my inspirational memoir. It's now finished and to be published on May 22nd. I want to ask you if I could send you a short press release with a picture of myself and the book cover to share on your blog.

    Thanks in advance. Anne


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