Friday, May 25, 2012

Bits and Pieces of Holiday - North India

Still posting pictures of our holiday in North India. Here's some random pictures to tell a tale or two. Enjoy!

Thinking 'style' midst the Dabbawallas?  Forget about it!  They are really a cool lot. Consider  this - getting the tiffins  from the person's home , on time to office, school, with nary a margin  of error , on their bikes in the chaotic Mumbai traffic. They are the city's daily icons.  I had to see them in person. I was late for  most of them had moved off on their bikes on another day's work of efficient delivery.  Their system of business astounds even  big corporations. They have got it worked out  to perfection!
He 'regulates' your visit to the Jama Masjid, Delhi.  Friday prayers were on and we waited, then we left our shoes outside and entered the huge courtyard which  can hold 25,000  people.
Cave No. 3, the most impressive of the  Kanheri caves in this complex, located deep inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park,  Mumbai. Out of the solid basaltic rocks, the Buddhist monks carved viharas ( monasteries) and chaityas ( temples)  between  the 2nd and 9th centuries
In  Kamala  Nehru Park, Mumbai an old Mother Hubbard's shoe stands. No children in sight but  in a school nearby, their lively noises can be heard.

A gem of a museum - the Mani Bhavan  Museum, Mumbai. There's much to captivate us learning about the live of  Mahatma. It was here that Gandhi stayed during his visits to Bombay from 1917 - 1934.
Upon approaching this building, Valsa commented, 'It looks like a haunted house!'. We laughed. It looks it! A creepy script  would be just right! We were told it has garnered some publicity in a magazine. But  up the stairs and into one of the rooms, things changed, godly and friendly.  We wouldn't have imagined enjoying a Sunday church service among people from Baltimore in USA, Singapore, India, Australia. Alleluia !
The famed  Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat  ( municipal laundry) of Mumbai.  Forget about any manner of Electrolux or Hitachi machines. Get  slapping those clothes on the stone slabs of the open - air troughs.

Stop by for a quencher of sugar cane drink by this vendor in Mumbai.


  1. You have frozen so much of India. Great series!

  2. Superb & candid shots ! Yes the dabba walas are a cool and efficient lot with zero defect delivery system !

  3. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful snapshots! I don't know why, but I've always liked the sight of clothes hanging out to dry - and that is such a colorful picture.

  4. It happens so many times that while you are looking for some good holiday resort India, you end up choosing one that not only suits your style but has that idiosyncratic deluxe ambience. Hence, Jaypee is one out of them where luxury galore and sumptuousness emanates!

  5. great photos thanks for sharing. x

  6. As always, there are pictures on this blog that can't be found anywhere else. I really enjoyed the Mother Hubbard shoe. I suppose if she ever did exist, she'd be proud to own a show like that one :-)

  7. Love Cave No3 & that sugar cane seller got a great way to stock his canes. tQ for tour. Namaste

  8. The cave, the shoe... the faces... very nice pictures...

  9. Glad you are living it up in India. What a unique experience this is. Haha, Old Mother Hubbard's shoes ^_^


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