Thursday, August 16, 2012

Colour and beauty in the Orchid Garden

If you are looking for some splash of colour and serenity with Nature, head to the Orchid Garden.
You don't have to walk endless miles to infuse yourself with colours to brighten your day. The orchids and plants will delight you and any lattice work of cobwebs on your brain will disappear as you admire the lovelies of nature!

I was there last Sunday to buy potted orchids  for friends as Hari Raya fast approaches. The cheery welcome of the costus plants, reddish  orangey- with a tinge of yellow, on the walk up the gradual slope definitely cues the visitor to a pleasant visit.

That was the start of the 'distraction'. Instead of heading straight to the stalls for my gifts, I buzzed around snapping clusters of beauties. So immersed I was, I had lost my sense of time and the sun rays filtering through the lingering haze, reminded me on the task at hand.

Whenever I'm short of ideas for gifts, plants like orchids offer a good alternative. No stranger to the orchid stalls, I should be able to just point my finger and say,'I'll have that and that.' But it's not such an easy thing to do. Beauty is everywhere before my eyes. And I go through the whole process of'judging' the plants - colour,shape, hardiness, the person I'm gifting,and a good bargain to make it all the more memorable!

Finally I settled for a specie of the Oncidium. And I did not forget one for myself. Happily I carried the Arundina dwarf and the other plants to my car. I could already see the happy smiles of my friends and the Arundina dancing happily 'like a host of golden daffodils'! Just a different colour.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to my Muslim friends and readers.


  1. Wonderful,colorful and exotic collection of plants and flowers.

  2. What great photo opportunity! I can understand the addiction.

  3. The new tendrils coming out is a wonderful sight...... nature is indeed beautiful.

  4. Great choices and wonderful collection of photos. Happy holidays my dear friend!

  5. Anybody could be happy with those beautiful plants. I should give my husband a hint that I would like one for our next anniversary.

  6. Can i know where is this orchid garden? they are very beautiful:)


  7. I'm a keen gardener and love these plants. Of course, we don't have them here, but I grew up in South America and we had a lot of the warm-climate plants there - some similar to these.

  8. Haven't been there in ages! My interpreter from Kazakhstan is crazy about flowers and she went to the Orchid Garden 3 weekends ago to buy plants to bring back home!


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