Monday, August 27, 2012

Up in the Camerons

Over Raya holidays, we booked ourselves for a short getaway in Camerons. We got there alright despite the traffic jam along the North South H'way. But we weren't alone in the hills. Others too LOVE the  cool   and the offerings of Camerons. It was like never-ending shopping for the hordes of tourists - at the veggie and strawberry farms .We didn't have time for the flowers. Guess the beautiful  award-winning garden at The SmokeHouse Hotel more than made up.

Not only did we have our share of  yummy strawberry jam, scones, we loaded our car with more strawberries,  veggies a plenty and a beautiful  bromeliad, all fighting for space in the car boot and amongst us in the seats.

The old charm of a Tudor House still attracts visitors. No log fire though as the chimneys aren't put to work!
Just a wee sample of more strawberry products. Eat, play, love -  it's raining strawberries in Camerons!!

Have to say this is a teaser strawberry!  There's really tons of strawberries to eat up in Camerons.  All the year round too. No more mounds of earth  to grow in. Hydroponics is the way.

The Merlin that people used to know is now Cameron Highlands Resort where we had lunch.
If space in your car  is not an issue, there's an awful lot to cart home
Flower in the award- winning  garden of The SmokeHouse Hotel where we stayed.  

Striking  bloom of orchid

Begonias so lovely!

The SmokeHouse, a popular  place for photographers or the casual visitors.

At the Butterfly Farm. 

A tangle of snakes on display at the Butterfly Farm.

Bull frogs quite motionless, not croaking.


  1. Such beautiful pictures,as usual.So near as if I could touch and feel!

  2. Looked like you have a wonderful time there. The furthest I went recently was Ipoh, did not manage to go Cameron Highlands. Hope I can go there one day, been decades since I visited Cameron Highlands.

  3. Have not been to Cameron for more than 10 years, i remember it was very cold on even before we reach the hill top, how do you feel the temperature now?


  4. The last time we were in CH was 7 years ago!

    Great photos as always, Keats!

  5. The Smokehouse is so beautiful and Cameron Highlands...I am dreaming of this place...

  6. My favorites are the Cleome spider plant and the tangle to snakes!
    Pleasant place to see, I would love it.

  7. I love that butterfly. It's so large and colourful. The snakes! Wow! I've never seen a stripy bunch before. Lovely pictures.

  8. I love the snakes and bullfrogs, Keats! Not to eat, of course. I just like to admire my reptile friends. Those are Oriental Whip Snakes (with one Paradise Tree Snake).


Great to have you popping in!