Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Relay For Life - A World without Cancer

National Cancer Soc. Malaysia 's Relay for Life was a 16 hour overnight event. It began on 24 August,  starting from dusk and ended at dawn the next day. In KL, it took place at Dataran Petaling Jaya, Padang Timur.  I'm glad I was there with my hubby after dinner to lend support.

For the short period of 2 hours we were there, I must say it was heart-warming. As we walked round the track, we could see and feel that in the fight against cancer, through the darkness, HOPE prevails. The survivors, families of the afflicted, friends, and the public were there to celebrate, remember, and persevere the fight.

The youths were there in big numbers. The fun  was palpable. Lots of people entertained with songs and dances. Time did not permit me to play a game of bingo.

Education on cancer was certainly in the minds of the event organisers. For it is through awareness that we can be alert to detect cancer in the early stages. Money raised through this event educates and supports cancer - activities and helping the afflicted.

I tried something never done before. For a token of RM 5, there was instant tutelage to try my hand at Chinese brush painting.Soon the 'masterpiece' showed itself to big smiles and words of encouragement  from onlookers. Positivity! Beaming happily, I gingerly carried a still wet art piece home.

Applause!  And it goes to the survivors who were at hand to guide and give us a confidence boost.

I must spread the word  about the spiritedness of Relay For Life.  It is important to remember the loved ones lost  forever but also to celebrate the struggles and triumphs of the survivors. Relay For Life is a meaningful event that brings people from all walks of life, of communities coming together. The battle against cancer goes on...

To hold steadfast and pray for
Relay -  pass the baton and support the cause

Tents for those who wished to stay overnight to finish the 16 hour dusk to dawn event.
Lots of booths for games, food, organistions etc. 
Families, friends and public support  - all over the field to mark a meaningful event. Luminaria bags lined the arena of the field with messages dedicated to loved ones.  In the wee hours of the morning, the walk round the arena continued - for cancer never sleeps.
Victory conquers and shines
Remembering ...
Holding a Chinese brush for the first time!I could hear  my inner voice: Be brave, ink it ! Well, with a shaky hand, I did.
My bamboo - aiming for the moon! Thank you, teacher. 
Happiness is holding a new piece of art  taught by the survivors.. 


  1. Keep doing the great job you're doing, Keats. Your bamboo piece looks terrific!

  2. Good job, Keats and Ravi! I should have gone but forgot what was the date! Nice brush painting! It would make a panda drool!

  3. Congrats on joining a noble cause


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