Friday, September 13, 2013

Rotary Family Breakfast

Sunday morning on 8 Sept was cool after the past evening of heavy showers. Thankfully, District 3300 was able to enjoy a Rotary Family Breakfast at Rotary Square for brekkie with a good dose of fellowship.

It was also a chance to be at our very own Rotary Square. It was my third visit ; the first being the relaunch of Rotary Square. A home is where we come to roost. For Rotarians, we value this spot, smack in the city centre, dedicated to Rotary, our beloved organisation. Thanks to the mayors who recognise the immense contributions of Rotary. Our  Rotary Wheel logo stands tall and high for the public to know us. Herein the Square  lies our time capsule to be released 100 years later (2100)  It will surely be a momentous day when it finally arrives.

Back to the morning . Limbering up exercises  were led by our DG, Dato Dr Mohinder Singh. We surrendered our bodies to stretch and sway. Soon momentum picked up when qigong master and Rotarian,  Mr Tan, got us to find the chi in us as we followed his instructions.

I came prepared to tell a story for the children. Just 4 were there but the adults more than made up for them!! Be prepared for frogs croaking and mozzies buzzing  amidst the tyrannical chieftain's orders. All Things Are Connected reminds us to seek a balance in Nature . It is worth retelling  for the fun and interactivity and the message which is evident.

All in , it was a relaxed morning. The organising committee did a fine job. As usual, it was all hands on deck. We look forward to more happenings here.

Qiqong master with an attentive audience.

City Hall /DBKL towering in the background.

My fellow club members,spouse Ravi and fellow Rotarians.

Bend and flex

Gather here, all ye Rotarians!
Squirt in!

Love on  wheels. 

Helping hands 

Healthy start - come on!
Time capsule for the future generation

PP Mah ( RC Kajang) couldn't resist being  King Frog!

Tyranny got the chieftain nowhere.

I made them laugh.


  1. Great photos. You guys seem to be having a lot of fun !

  2. You do a great job of telling stories and reading to children, Keats! It is a rare but very welcome gift.

  3. It's great that you could do all that in the town centre. It looks really enjoyable.


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