Thursday, October 8, 2009

Get Krafty!

Last month, as I walked into Times the Book Shop ,Pavilion, to my utter surprise,I saw MYSELF beaming from cheek to cheek and as gay as the kids zooming around - on a poster.Great stuff ! 'Grandma's ' on the loose !! If only my kids were with me! Gosh! where's my pen to autograph for a few fans?? It will happen, one day...

Weekends see me doing my rounds of storytelling for kids. That keeps me out of mischief and spreading some cheer too. For sure, some parents are delighted to have their kids under my wings for them to recharge their own batteries. After stories, there's always craft time for the little fingers to explore themselves and be creative.

There are kids that just dive in to do , others will watch and then, after the initial uncertainties, they too are immersed in tackling the craft at hand. In a world of their own , their heart and soul work to produce their art.

When I told The Bharunda Bird, a timeless story from the Panchatantra, I made the 2 headed bird. Several children wanted to know how I got the 2 heads to move. I showed them a little gadget, the paper fastener that made the bird move.

There was more colour following the story. The kids dived into making the most colourful Bird of Paradise mask. I had prepared a big box of colourful paper , cut into strips and odd shapes for them to decorate. Really, the next thing they could do was just turn up at a masquerade ball!!!

In July/ August, we swam with the fishes in the warm waters of the coral reef. As the story unravelled, I plonked laminated hand drawn pics of the sea creatures, held faithfully by the blue tac . The background cardboard displayed a coral reef. Just right to set the scene. Among the sea denizens were - a hermit crab, blue sea slug, eel, spotty fish, fiery dragon fish , cuttlefish, puffer fish.

A baby clownfish was just dying for adventure in the story, The Curious ClownFish. Well, he had a gala time but sea life also has its spills and thrills. Baby Clownfish was frightened out of his wits when Eel gnashed and bared his teeth at him. Heart pounding , poor Clownfish spun away and twirled and swam furiously back to the warm arms of the anemone. Home!

Hope you can spot baby Clownfish among the rest. The kids sang a few songs about the fishes and they made a paper plate fish , mouth open wide. It caught a tiny fish too!!

With the younger ones, the classic, The Lion and the Mouse make them want to be the mighty lion and the grateful little mouse all at the same time!! The toilet roll mouse is an effective prop. When all the bits are glued together, the fat, well-fed looking mouse, as craft is always a winner!

Talk about a dull time with kids? No way! Only thing, 'Grandma's' legs got to keep running to keep up with the young 'uns! Go, Grandma, go! Keep telling!


  1. Wow Keats you continued to impress me. The children looked like they were really hooked on and deeply entrenched in their activities. The artwork was really colorful.

    You are great Keats and by the way, who's the grandma!

  2. Do you do this as a hobby? I bet you're a wonderful storyteller, judging by the creativity of your writings. The kids must have had so much fun with the crafts too!

  3. Wow good job. You have a very interesting job. The crafts are all very beautiful and cute.

  4. Such a cute poster, and it looks like you inspire a lot of creativity... fantastic for you!

  5. Keats, wow, what can I say. Very impressive. Well done. And thanks for sharing this post. As a mum myself, you gave me some ideas for the next craft time. (If you allowed me to make the toilet roll mouse)

  6. HI
    Ocean Girl, appreciate your compliments. Thanks! Not a real grandma yet tho at my age, it's alright to adopt the grandma title!! The kids call me ' aunty', 'teacher'.

    petite nyonya, this is a hobby to I can be as youg as I would like to be!!! Play is therapeutic.

    alicesg, the interaction is good stuff :)) kids love fun, so do I!!

    Rosey Pollen, glad pavilion got a poster up to promote the session as many people need something visual to strike their attention.

    febriana, you're most welcome to do the craft with your kids. Do wrap some colourful paper on the toilet roll as the roll absorbs colour and is dull. Then you're ready to go! have fun.

  7. So much of fun.
    Great art work done by the tiny hands.

  8. It should be so much fun..and you look great on the poster. I love it..

  9. Just great!! You are so talented. To keep kids that involved you have to be just as full of life as your wonderful games and all are explained and shown. You just made my day.

  10. That looked like great fun. I agree with the rest - you are talented.

  11. Y.O.U. are pretty amazing! You should be teaching! In S.C.H.O.O.L.!

  12. Hi
    Indrani, we all have fun at story and craft time .

    Turquoise Diaries, thanks - I look a little different now as I've a new hair style :))

    Lucy, oh yes, kids love interaction. Praises too!

    Veronica Lee, thanks a million!

    Emily, funny you should say that. many people seem to think there's a school maam in me. I trained as a nurse/midwife.
    Btw, how old were you in this baby pose??

  13. Delightful! How talented you are to captivate a roomful of kids. They seem to be having a wonderful time.
    I love the paper plate fish.

  14. Stunning crafts! This is such a wonderful activity. Thumbs up for you, my dear. Keep up with your amazing work.

    Thanks for letting me know about the account mystery :). I'm so sorry for my late visit here. My Internet connection is giving me a hard time (again). Have a great week.

  15. hey I am a newbie on ure space..Well shigning craftt..its awsome..and these children .I like the much creativiy in them that bringin that out is some commendable work.keep up the spirit and continue doin the goodwork..

  16. Grandma, forsooth! Then you must be the youngest and prettiest grandma I have ever met! Miss Keats is appropriate. The poster is so attractive. I wonder if they would let you keep it. You do such wonderful work with the kids. I can imagine them asking you how you made the heads move. You're a marvel, ha ha! Did you draw the sea creatures yourself? They're so cool, I love their facial expressions! The urchin registers surprise! The cardboard mice -- now you've made me want one too, ha ha! The love of reading is the best gift you could give a child. Yours is an extraordinary and wonderful talent!

  17. Is that you on the tarp Keats? that's pretty fun to be known. :) love the crafty crafty thingy...would be fun to join in too.

  18. hi
    adrienne, the kids enjoyed the simple craft . what more, it caught a fish too!!

    ROSIDAH, thanks for your encouragibg words. Children enjoy play and if we strike it right, we can achieve :))

    rahul s, i appreciate your kind words and will certainly make the best of my time with the kids. it's a 2 way enjoyment !

    ~Covert_Operations'78~, I'm touched by your encouragement. Ok,shall maintain Ms Keats!!
    I think I should request for the poster. Thanks. Yes, I drew the pics from the book and my daughter applied the colours. Not all stories are done this way for the visual effects.

    Pacey, yes, it's me alright! No more anonymity!!
    Love your pics on your blog. You take brilliant pics.

  19. wow!!! get crafty indeed!!! and a pretty face on display sound so much fun, keep the poster picture as your avatar! it looks fun and somehow suit your super personality. Happy weekend, enjoy the Deepavali weekend with your lovely family, hugs/m

  20. These handicraft items are very colourful and well made. You are certainly a great teacher, judging from the artwork produced and the happy faces on the kids' faces. No wonder you are called the Sunshine Girl. Well done, Keats and Cheers!

  21. Hi
    M.kate,now that the kids are big, have to find little ones to keep company:))
    Deepavali is just 2 days away. thanks for the wishes. will be very busy tomorrow as guests are coming.

    Autumn Belle, thanks so much for your compliments:) i guess all mothers are teachers. bet you're one yourself! Just don't be shy to play with the kids


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