Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spread Your Wings - reaching out - KL Bird Park

What has disability got to do with youth when they 'collide'?

Now and again, I am fortunate to be able to have youth for company in my work with the disabled. Have to say, nothing untoward. Maybe the initial apprehensions but they die away so fast when warmth and caring take over.

The students of Sek Sri KDU took the disabled residents of Selangor Cheshire Home under their wings, on a lovely sunny morning at the KL Bird Park.

At about 10 am, 2 busloads descended on the volunteers who were waiting for our pals for the outing - 30 students and 24 disabled residents from the Home in Selayang, KL.

These are no ordinary kids - they belong to the Reaching Out Club of Sek Sri KDU. I have seen them with my own eyes how they engage effortlessly with the disabled - given the opportunities to do so - on several occasions, in the school fair, open day . They are truly our beacon of hope. Way to go, boys and girls!

Everyone was in expectant moods. In the KL Bird Park, one of the world's largest covered open park, our feathered friends are free to wander among us except for some.

I made a brief welcome and in eagerness, with tickets in hand, we proceeded to the interior.

You should have heard the ooohhs and aahhhs! Especially when some birds took flight, fluttering above our heads. The different calls of the birds elicited excited laughs and responses. The flamingoes, parrots, hornbills and cocakatoos thrilled everyone to bits. When does a peacock not take advantage of audiences to stun us with their shimmery feathers, fanlike? Will the sleepy owl be coaxed to open his eyes to all the noise around him? We tried!

The students were a cheerful lot - going out of their way to make a memorable outing for the residents. Wonderful moments were captured on the polaroid camera. The students offered to pay. For the residents, it's memories to last a life time!

At some parts of the walkway, the students had difficulties manoevering the wheelchairs on the steeper slopes. Caution had to be exercised. Tho tiring, they did their level best.

Before long , the sun was beating down and it was time to leave the confines of the Bird Park. Under the spready, shady trees, the teachers who had accompanied the students had helped get ready lunch. Drinks were downed to quench the thirst. Well, singing was to the strum of the guitar. Now it was the turn for the birds to listen!

The day ended on an equally high note. Goodbyes were said and addresses taken. Us volunteers were more than ready to take a back seat to watch these youths at work. Caring, diligent, sensitive,and oh, with hearts open wide. Brothers and sisters, all.

Little goodie bags with souvenirs - all money raised from the Reaching Out Club projects - just for their newly- made friends whom they know have equal rights to a place in our community.

I wrote a nice note of thanks to the principal, Ms Chan to congratulate her students' community spiritedness. We can safely say there are proud parents too. Good work, boys and girls! Keep it UP!


  1. Great sharing, btw where is the KL bird park? :p

  2. Really great and meaningful works all of you have done ^-^

    We need warm hearts ^^

    Take care

  3. Bless you Keats. What a wonderful way to spend the day, I commend you my girl for your wonderful, beautiful big heart and then to narrate it and take pictures to share with us. I had a son in a wheelchair for a year before he died from Complications of Multiple Sclerosis. He died at age 42. Seeing all the caring faces brought tears of happiness that the disabled have you people.

  4. This is really a meaningful trip, good job girl.

  5. It speakes volumes to see people receiving such a smile on their faces when learning about nature. Thanks for this wonderful post, sunshine girl!

  6. I came by and gave you 10 stars, Keats! You did a great job, as did the young'uns! I wish I could get young'uns as dedicated as yours to volunteer at the SPCA or MNS! I love the Bird Park. I wish you had asked me to come too :o(

  7. What an amazing day. I love that it involved so much song - from the birds to the kids. : )

  8. Totally amazing! You did a great job and so it the youngsters. Very nice post.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. See you around.

  9. Hi everyone, am sorry for the late reply.

    CheaHS@n, thanks for reading my blog :) The KL Bird Park is within the vicinity of the Lake Garden. It is right opposite the Orchid Garden. It's really a lovely wander as there's lots to do there, including the Islamic Arts Museum. Do visit.

    Galaxy6139, thanks so much for visiting and your encouraging comments. have a good day !

    Lucy, bless your heart too :)) Thanks for your wonderful comments. I'm glad you shed some tears of happiness and have some good memories of your son. I have nursed multiple sclerosis patients in UK and know how much they braved and suffered. Keep up with your fantastic blog. I love visiting it :))

    Sonia, thanks ever so much!

    Rosey Pollen, I know you're with me in this earnest blogging ! Thanks and I do appreciate your support.

    ~Covert_Operations '78~ , you make me jump so HIGH! Thanks a million! You're doing great work yourself at SPCA and MNS. The volunteers really made the day for the residents and everyone. Very spirited and caring.

    Suzanne Casamento, yes, everyone can sing ! In fact, I say, sing to lift our spirits and let there always be music in our lives.

    Urban Green, thanks for your compliments. I appreciate them :)) I enjoy your blog - greenery has a place in urbanity - we just have to make/find it!

  10. These youth are great. Good work!

  11. Wonderful people with wonderful company.

  12. You are doing great work Keats.. A big Bravo..

  13. What a wonderful program, and it looks like that was a fantastic outing.
    I love your comment about the peacocks - they like to show off, don't they?

  14. Hi Keats, how kind of you working with the disabled..it's nice to know that the youth spent some time with them too. I've never been to the Bird park but will do one day with the kids soon. Happy weekend.

  15. This world needs more people like you and the youngsters who have a big heart and care for others. Keep up the good work.

  16. So great to see such compassion in the youths! Well done Sri KDU!

  17. Hi
    Pete, thanks so much!

    Molly, hope you' re doing fine :) Thanks !

    Turquoise Diaries, it's good to give a little of ourselves. and I think we do not realize it, sometimes, when we do. nevertheless, the good feeling always stays!!

    adrienne, being with kids helps to ground me !!

    M. kate, do visit the Bird Park. there's lots too around the area to spend an entire day.

    febriana, thanks for your encouragibg words. everyone wins when we get togehter !

    petite nyonya, yah! Sri KDU rocks!

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